With the Start Planner, every aspect of your life can be kept within the planner. Parents, professionals, and hobbyists are able to keep everything in one convenient place. There are not many options available for those who wear many hats in their life.

Planning and getting organized can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us walk you through organizing your life with the Start Planner review. See innovative ways to plan your life goals and prepare for success.

More than a planner and developed with parents, teachers, students, and professionals in mind. The Start Planner changes the game of getting your life organized.

Not Like the Rest

If you are in search of a planner that is able to help in every aspect of your life, then this is the one for you. The site even includes quizzes to help you choose which planner would be the best fit. The first decision that must be made is if you want a daily or weekly planner. This is a personal choice and will vary based on individual needs, goals, family, and careers.

The Features

The daily planner offers two different versions which are, the Fancy Pants and the Hustle Daily versions. Fancy Pants offers a binder layout, while the Hustle Daily is a spiral bound. Both are able to receive customization of added pages.

Fancy Planner


Hustle Planner


Both versions of the planners include

  • Goal setting
  • Vision board
  • Budget and savings
  • Projects
  • Entertainment
  • Vacation and holiday planner
  • Cleaning and home maintenance schedule
  • Charity tracker
  • Medical, health, and water tracker
  • Calories and workout trackers
  • Next year’s calendar
  • Monthly overview
  • Meal planners and grocery lists
  • Gratitude area
  • Notes pages



  • Contacts

If you already have an A5 binder it is also possible to purchase the inserts. The inserts purchased separately contains everything above, just without the binder. It is a cost-effective way to have a Start Planner or to continue using your Fancy Pants binder in the following years.

The ability to customize this planner is amazing. There is the ability to buy custom inserts for photographers, direct sales, realtors, teachers, and students. Other inserts include extra notes, contacts, and a weekly add-in. The weekly add-in is a great addition to those who choose a daily layout but want to see the full week in review.

To keep the binder portable, it will only hold 4 months of tabs and inserts at a time. By using the yearly planner it is possible to keep everything organized and right there in your planner.

The weekly layout only comes in the spiral bound Hustle weekly planner. Instead of a daily layout, you are able to see your entire week across two pages. The time slots begin at 5:30 am and continue in 30-minute increments until 9:00 pm. The planner is hard backed and spiral bound.

Start Planner’s feature a quality paper. Every page is #70 and the covers are smooth. Binders are made from vegan-friendly materials. The pebble texture is soft and the two-tone color on the inside give a beautiful effect.


Taking Care

Also included with purchase is a welcome card for the planner version bought. On this card is information on caring for the planner. It also gives information about what to expect as far as wear and tear are concerned.

The spiral planner should always be closed front to back and should be kept in a bag during traveling. It is recommended to keep heavy objects away from the spiral so that it does not get damaged. Avoid extreme temperatures and liquids, these things can be detrimental to the book.

As time goes by the planner will begin to lose its crisp, new feeling. This is normal and means that you are using your planner as you should.

Fancy planners have more information to keep the planner in great shape and how to begin its use. The binder is able to hold a maximum of 520 pages. This can include 1-4 months of daily pages, goals, projects, extra inserts, and so on. The plastic insert page is included to help protect the pages and should be placed in the back of the binder.

What Do Customers Say

Not all customers find the Start Planner right for them. The majority do. With all of the functions it covers, it comes to no surprise that so many people find it valuable in their day to day survival. Some have even described it as their new best friend.

“This is one of the best planners that have ever been used. For 3 years it has been user-friendly and amazing. It will be the planner that is used for all future endeavors.”

“The entire Start Planner team is great. It is easy to see that the women on the team are invested and authentic in all their products.”

“The Start Planner staff have been nothing but great. Bought a planner that had some missing pages. Not only did they offer to send the missing pages, but they also sent me an entirely new planner.

Some of the best customer services ever experienced. The situation was handled quickly, this is somewhere that will continue to get business.”

“After years of trying to find a planner to fit the many needs of life…this is the one! Everything needed is within one book. Included is the budgeting tool, notebook, goal setter, and so much more.

The only thing that would make it better is to be able to have all the add-ins with the spiral or to fit more in the binder, otherwise, it is perfect.”

“After making a mistake in ordering the team was quick and willing to help fix a personal mishap. As soon as the mistaken order was shipped back, the new one went out.

It went very smoothly and would recommend using Start Planner to everyone.”

“Love this Start Planner. After trying to go digital with planning needs, this planner came to me. There is something about being able to write everything down that is not duplicated in a digital planner. Highly recommend.”

“The entire planner set is great. There is a need for more writing space, especially if you have larger handwriting. It could also use more vacation planning pages. Having only one page can make it difficult to plan throughout the year for multiple trips.

There are some learning curves to the layout, but once it is learned the planner works great. There are very few other options out there that can meet the needs this planner fills.”

“This product has been so valuable that it has been recommended all around the office. Ordering and shipping are a quick and easy process. It also has free downloadable templates to help ensure that the planner is a good fit.

The icons are extremely valuable to track water, vitamins, and workouts. The only improvement recommended would be to increase writing room and a thicker paper.”

Things to Love Fancy Planner
  • Can customize the contents.
  • Includes a binder that keeps everything together and safe.
  • Added inserts make school or jobs easier to organize.
  • Variety in binder options.
  • Includes access to print outs that can be used.
Things to Consider Fancy Planner
  • Only holds one to four months of the calendar, depending on customized inserts.
  • Majority of offered colors are feminine.
  • Dividers are not sturdy.
  • Very heavy to carry around.

Fancy Planner



Things to Love Hustle Planner
  • Contains whole year of pages.
  • Monday start days.
  • Tracks a lot of different aspects of life.
Things to Consider Hustle Planner
  • Not able to customize with added inserts.
  • Very heavy to carry around.
  • Not as sturdy as expected for the price.
  • Needs more writing space.

Hustle Planner


Get Organized

Are you ready to get organized and to accomplish more in your life than ever before? If so, the Start Planner would be an investment to further your life. Organize your family life with budget and menu pages. Keep your professional life on track with the daily schedules and inserts.

It even has enough space to track hobbies. The impossible is possible with all the included trackers in the Start Planner. Imagine being able to track exercise, calories, weight, and menus in one handy place. It’s a life changer.

Life can be hard at times. Often this is due to being unorganized and inefficient with the little time you have. By getting organized it is possible to maximize the use of time and to be able to accomplish more. Learn a new trade, work on being promoted, or just plan more time for yourself or family. Changes can occur when time is available.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time. Get your Start Planner today and get on track!