Simple Elephant Planner Review: A Step Above the Rest


Simple Elephant Planner Review: A Step Above the Rest

How are you supposed to get everything done and stay on track throughout your busy life? Do you just tend to use your phone for appointments and go where it tells you? Always running and never sure where you are supposed to be. That is not a happy life and leads to all kinds of stress.

Planning is the way to keep life organized and happier. To do that you need to have the proper planner to get the job done. A simple planner that will help you to achieve your goals, get and stay on track is the Simple Elephant Planner.

Wondering to check does this planner fits you? Let’s dive deep into our Simple Elephant Planner review and find the answer on your question

Not Like the Rest

The Simple Elephant Planner is a great planner for getting life organized and on track. It is able to be used by beginners or those who are planner professionals and are in search of a refreshing way to plan their day.

Simple Elephant Planner - Best Daily & Weekly Agenda to Achieve Your Goals & Live Happier - Gratitude Journal, Mindmap & Vision Board - Undated - Lasts 1 Year w/Bonus eBooks & Stickers (Blue)


Never let a day pass without giving yourself positive affirmations or writing down your gratitude’s. These are important factors for staying happy in the busiest of times.

Another important factor is to have a mind map or vision board of the different parts or goals of your life. Visually seeing your goals is a step in making them a reality. Increase your motivation and focus to see the results of you growing as a person.Simple Elephant Planner - Best Daily & Weekly Agenda to Achieve Your Goals & Live Happier - Gratitude Journal, Mindmap & Vision Board - Undated - Lasts 1 Year w/Bonus eBooks & Stickers (Blue) Vision Board

The reminder elephant is a great little feature of this planner that no other has. Every few weeks an elephant picture will appear in the corner.

This is a reminder that you need to check-in with your goals and to see where you are in achieving these set goals.

It also is a tool to hold you accountable for what you have or have not accomplished.

Simple Elephant Planner Goals Tracker




Having a feature such as this will keep you on track, and should you feel that it is necessary for you to check in more often then you are able to add your own reminder to check-in.

A very simple and efficient way to stay on track.

Weekly reflection is another booster to achieving more and becoming a happier person.

This is similar to have a weekly journal of all the good things, the things that could be better, and what you achieved.

It will aid in reforming the coming weeks to be better emotionally, in planning, and improving the productivity. This will also benefit understanding your emotions and reactions to events that occur in a week.


Simple Elephant Planner All FeaturesThis planner has many nice features not found in most life planners. It is designed to declutter and be functional. No pages are included that you will not need to complete your goals or increase productivity.

The pages are thick so that any type of ink pen is able to be used and will not ruin your pages, so check out those cool pens for planners and choose the pen that meets your needs.

No bleeding or ghosting will happen with this planner. It will stay neat and clean.

An elastic strap will make it easy to keep your hard-bound book closed and from damage. The reinforced pen holder makes it possible to keep your pen close and ready for use.

Simple Elephant Planner Best Daily


Available in three colors: blue, pink, or black. The planner includes a sticker sheet to start you on organizing your planner and learning to use stickers to highlight different events.

It is also possible to order more should you choose to do so.

Stickers also add color and personality to your planner. It will help to make the experience more enjoyable when you are personalizing it and adding your own touch to the pages.

Included are 12 monthly view pages, 52 weekly, and 58 pages for note taking.

Plan your year and build a small bullet journal in the back of your planner. Nothing is impossible when you want to achieve your goals and have the tools necessary to plan.

Customer Opinions

Used this Planner for 2 Years

Simple Elephant Planner All Features 2This planner is perfect for getting organized and making goals.

It does not include all the extra pages that other planners have, these pages can make it difficult to stay consistent with planning and completing the entire process.

An awesome bonus is with the empty journal pages makes it easier to incorporate notes, journaling, or other wanted lists in the back of the planner.

With the use of tabs, it furthers the possibilities.

Best Planner I Have Found

The pages are designed to allow for plenty of writing space. For those who have a lot of tasks that must be completed in a day, this is a great feature.

Organize not only your own day, but your child, spouse, and pets. Everyone can be included in one book and stay on track.

Serves All My Needs and Then Some

Another awesome aspect for this planner is free-form. If you are going out of town or life happens and you miss some weeks, this planner does not waste the pages. You are able to use those pages later.

At the beginning of the planner it starts off with accountability. You make the planner and it can do what YOU make it. Even if you are unable to think of your own affirmations it is okay to look them up, reflect on them later, and have the thought still there for you. Keep it simple with this easy to use planner.

Simple Elephant Planner All Features 3Get Organized the Easy Way

This is the perfect planner to learn the process of planning.

It keeps it simple and easy to learn. I would recommend this planner to anyone that is curious to learn how to plan and the different aspects that are included when planning.

Though planning is not difficult there is a learning curve that will accompany it.

Awesome Bonus Material Included

The additional PDF’s, user guide, and productivity eBooks was one of the best bonuses to getting this planner.

Being able to have these additional tools made it easier to learn the trade of getting organized and what it takes to make goals that can be accomplished.

Things to Love
  • Positive affirmations and gratitude’s to teach happiness
  • Minimal pages to get you organized
  • Undated
  • Monthly and weekly views
  • Journal section
  • Small pocket for important papers
  • Reminders to check goals
Things to Consider
  • Option to get more stickers to use
  • Does not open flat
  • Monthly pages start on Sunday and weekly pages start on Monday

Get Yours Now

This is a great planner to be able to get organized and on track. It will help you to be able to make your goals and achieve them in a timely fashion. There is no added bulk that you do not need for this planner. Every page count’s and it will help you.

Don’t let your inability to get organized stop you!

Take charge of your life and achieve your goals by using the Simple Elephant Planner.

Become the organized, happy, and productive person that you have longed to be. Try the Simple Elephant Planner to have a minimalist approach to getting your life back on track. Be more efficient and gain insight into the person you are and the person you would like to be.

Simple Elephant Planner - Best Daily & Weekly Agenda to Achieve Your Goals & Live Happier - Gratitude Journal, Mindmap & Vision Board - Undated - Lasts 1 Year w/Bonus eBooks & Stickers (Blue)