If you like to create art with markers, then it’s important to you that you use the best markers available. Many artists agree that this means using alcohol-based markers. This variety of art pen is simply superior to water-based markers.

Because the pigment is suspended in alcohol as a solvent, they are of better quality. It may be possible to switch out the nibs or refill the ink.

Ohuhu markers and Copic alcohol based markers are better for blending. Plus, the ink dries faster so you don’t have to worry about smears. This permanent ink is perfect for use on paper, cloth, metal, plastic and other materials.

Let’s compare Ohuhu vs Copic markers to determine which company makes the better markers for your artwork. Both of these are high-quality options that are used by professional artists everywhere. Read on to discover which one is your favorite.

Ohuhu and Copic Markers Review:

Ohuhu Markers Overview

80 Colors Alcohol Markers, Ohuhu Double Tipped Markers Permanent Art Marker Set for Kids, Sketch Markers for Drawing Sketching Adult Coloring, Alcohol-based Marker, Great Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Things to Love

  • In our Ohuhu Markers review, we discovered that these highly-pigmented pens are available at a relatively affordable price.
  • One of the best features of these markers is their dual tips. One end features a fine tip while the other has a chisel nib for broader strokes.
  • Ohuhu Markers come in sets of 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 colors. 80 Colors Alcohol Markers, Ohuhu Double Tipped Markers Permanent Art Marker Set for Kids, Sketch Markers for Drawing Sketching Adult Coloring, Alcohol-based Marker, Great Valentine's Day Gift Idea
  • The alcohol-based ink dries fast and delivers plenty of color.
  • In general, these markers are durable, although the pastels seem to run out more quickly than other shades.
  • The hues are incredibly blendable, especially when you start with lighter colors and progress to darker tones.
  • Both tips feel a bit stiff, but some artists may prefer this to something that is more flexible. That stiffness means that these tips probably will last longer.
  • This is critical because unlike some more expensive alcohol-based markers, these do not have interchangeable tips.
  • However, it’s important to remember that most of these Ohuhu Marker sets can be purchased at a price of $ .50 per pen. That’s an unbeatable price for a reliable set of alcohol-based markers.


  • It’s also worth noting that these great art markers are not refillable. For some artists, this is a deal-breaker.


To help you stay on top of the color choices in your set, it’s wise to create a color guide with a sample of the marker and its identifying number on a sheet of paper. Some of Ohuhu’s larger kits provide you with a color guide. Otherwise, this project is up to you.

If your set didn’t come with a color guide, creating one with these Ohuhu Markers is well worthwhile. Once the ink dries on the page, it can look quite different when compared to the colored tip on the pen. Your guide will always steer you toward the right marker for each step in your project.

Copic Sketch Markers

Copic Marker SB12 12-Piece Sketch Basic Set


Considered some of the best markers in the industry, Copic. Still, many artists swear by their performance and durability, making them a favorite with professionals and hobbyists alike.

This Copic markers review revealed that the Sketch line of markers is the flagship product for this company.

Things to Love

  • Relying on premium alcohol-based ink, these Sketch markers are ideal for blending.
  • Ohuhu Markers vs Copic MarkersAdditionally, Copic boasts the best selection of colors. With 358 choices, it’s possible to achieve absolutely any effect that you’re seeking.
  • With the double-tip Copic Sketch markers, you get three nib choices.
  • The markers come with a Super Brush nib at one end and a Medium Broad nib at the other. If you purchase it separately, the Medium Round tip also is suitable for use with the Sketch markers.
  • The flexible, springy Super Brush is considered the best marker nib by many artists. It’s designed for excellent shading and blending, and it operates more like a paintbrush than a marker nib.
  • The firmer Medium Broad tip is stiffer and features an angle. When you need to block in colors or fill large areas, this is the nib to use.
  • copic alcohol based markersAnother feature that makes these the best alcohol markers is that they are refillable. When the color begins to fade, simply refill it from a cartridge, which itself holds enough ink for a dozen refills.
  • Artists also love these Copic Markers because of their ergonomic shape. Rather than simply being round, these Sketch pens have an ovular shape that feels really comfortable in the hand. It further means that these markers are unlikely to roll off the table.
  • If you’re worried about the shelf life on the ink for these markers, then consider Copic’s guarantee. They promise a three-year shelf life for all of their inks. Any markers that you don’t use often should still be ready to create after up to three years of storage.
  • While the brush tip may fray over time, it is replaceable. Because the ink also is refillable, these relatively expensive markers definitely hold their value.


  • Markers are more expensive than Ohuhu Markers

Insights and Takeaways

Both Ohuhu and Copic make excellent alcohol-based markers. The Ohuhu pens are an excellent choice for artists on a budget. With solid quality and good durability, they are a perfect selection for the student or hobbyist.

However, artists who are ready to take their work to the next level may want to consider Copic Markers. They do cost more, but with replaceable tips and refillable inks, they pay for themselves over time. Additionally, the color selection is unbeatable. Also use suitable paper for copic markers and your work will be excellent.

If you’re interested in alcohol-based markers, either of these options makes a wise choice. We showed you a comparison of Ohuhu vs Copic markers, the choice is yours.