One of the keys to happiness is being able to make goals and achieve them. The happiness planner review will show you how this planner can aid in making long-term and short-term goals that will lead you down the road of happiness. This is the planner you needed before you ever even realized it existed.

Be prepared to learn new information about yourself and to grow as a person. The planner is life-changing and is ready to take you on a self-discovery journey.

Step Up from the Rest



The Happiness Planner is not just a planner to keep track of appointments and important dates. It includes so much more useful page layouts that guide you. Page layouts include checklists, reflections that can be scored, journals, and how to pages. Inside is also tracking for exercise, how to improve upcoming months, and ways to improve yourself so that you can be your best you.


The Happiness Planner includes many features that will not only help you to get organized but help you to be able to achieve greater happiness.

Daily Pages

Daily pages are set up in a way to be able to journal and reflect on how you feel and the things you hope to achieve. It includes:

  • Inspirational quote
  • What you’re happy about
  • Main focus
  • Schedule
  • Exercise
  • Meals
  • To do
  • Notes
  • Good things about today
  • What I’m grateful for
  • What I hope for tomorrow

This kind of layout makes your planner a journal that can help to track your progress in self-discovery and how you have evolved throughout the year. It is important to understand how every aspect of your life plays a role in your happiness.

the happiness planner review daily section gtatitude self

Weekly and Monthly Reflection Pages

The weekly and monthly pages dive deeper into your thoughts and processes to aid in the journey of happiness. Within the monthly and weekly pages, you will find:

  • Monthly personal goals
  • Monthly work goals
  • This month’s positive self-talk
  • This month I am excited about
  • Happy things I will do

On a separate page, the following can be found:

  • Happiness and energy evaluation with a score
  • Describe the month in 3 words
  • This month’s happiness moments
  • This month’s struggles
  • How I overcame them
  • What I learned this month
  • Who/What I’m grateful for
  • What id life to improve for next month
  • Anything else to note

Following and keeping these types of entries make it possible to track emotions, different behaviors or habits, and to be able to make positive changes to find happiness. It will also be beneficial to know the reactions that occurred with different life events. Having the ability to understand all your inner workings will lead to a higher emotional intelligence.


Several Versions of the Happiness Planner

There are three different versions of the Happiness Planner. The 100-day planner, the undated weekly planner, and the dated weekly planner. All three offer similar layouts on the inside but the format will change depending on the version you choose.

The 100-day planner is completely undated and is appropriate to start on any day. For anyone who is trying to achieve a specific goal or is going through a big life change, it is the best choice. This planner offers the same daily layout pages with inspirational quotes and weekly planning.THE 100-DAY HAPPINESS PLANNER: #LOVEISLOVE

The undated weekly planner is developed for those who do not want to write as much a day, but still has a need for scheduling, to-do lists, and weekly reflections. It can be started at the beginning of the week. The weekly layout and inspirational quotes keep you motivated to continue your journey to happiness and self-discovery.

The dated Happiness planner is similar to the undated. However, it does begin on a specific day. The formats are January to December or July to June. So, if you buy the planner after that date, there are months or weeks that will go unused. Otherwise, it contains the monthly layouts and inspirational quotes as other planners.

Product Dated / Undated Layout One Day Per Page? Planning Spread

Reflection / Review

The Happiness Planner | Daily Dated Daily Yes Monthly Monthly
The Happiness Planner | Weekly Undated Weekly No Weekly Weekly
The 100-Day Planner Undated Daily Yes Weekly Weekly

Customer Comments

All the different variation of planners makes a great gift to others or yourself. Giving the gift of organization and the ability to increase happiness is priceless.

Customers have often bought one for their self and decided to pass along the planner to let others find the same happiness.

“Enjoyed the 100 Day Planner so much that she decided the 2020 Happiness Planner would be her next step. Before she even realized how much it would help, the planner changed her life.”

“Will be buying more Happiness Planners. The planner is so simple, positive, and organized it was a joy to use. She loved filling out all the pages.”

“After buying many other products for planning and journaling Cara has found the one for her. This planner helps to make her more positive and find the good in every day.

She really looks forward to the next day and all it will bring. Her daily meditation time has grown to include her planner.”

“This customer has been using the Happy Planner for two years now. There is nothing that works as well or like it. It has helped to set and manage goals in a fun, organized fashion.

Now, this person is more in sync with how their free time is spent and what improvements can come from this understanding.”

THE HAPPINESS PLANNER® | UNDATED | WEEKLY (NEW)“This is her first time using the Happiness Planner and the available printouts. It has helped to keep her on track and to find balance in her life. Inspiration has also grown with its use.

Being mindful of everything that occurs in her life is bringing her a fuller, happier life. She couldn’t be more in love with this planner.”

“Life can easily bog you down with everyday life and struggles. The Happiness planner helped in fostering positivity into everyday life and gaining inner peace.

Using the daily section “good things that happened today” helps to bring the realization that even in a bad day there is good.”

Things to Love
  • Comes in several color combinations
  • Offers similar pages in all versions/formats
  • Tabbed pages
  • Easy to follow and fill out
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Self-development
Things to Consider
  • Requires commitment
  • Cost may be high for some
  • Wire bound book

Get One Today

Visit the Happiness Planner website today and pick out the planner version that best fits your needs. Whether it is a short term goal that you want to achieve in 100 days or a long term goal that you want to work for the entire year. Happiness planner can meet those needs.

So what are you waiting for? After reading all the Happiness Planner review you should be ready to make your purchase and change your life. Increase your emotional intelligence and find the happiness that you deserve. All it takes is buying a Happiness Planner and investing in yourself a few minutes each day to fill out the information requested each day.

The Happiness Planner is the planner that is able to change your life. Achieve goals at an increased rate, understand what is holding you back, and reach your full potential. Life can be hard, but understanding how to reach your happiness can make it easier. Fulfill dreams and grow internally.