Imagine a notebook planner that can organize your life and help you to be more productive. Ink and Volt Planners can do that and so much more. The planner layout is designed and has been tested to help people to manage and achieve their goals.

Other planners only include a month, weekly pages, and maybe some note pages. That is not enough if needing to organize life and goals into a single place.

Ink and Volt Planners include 88 note taking pages. Generally, a small notebook includes about that many pages. So, when purchasing a planner, it is also a notebook. It can be used for journaling, menu planning, or plain note taking.

Effective Goal Planning

2019 Undated Planner Black Gal



The planner boasts layouts that have been tested by thousands for effective goal planning. It comes equipped with several different layouts to give the most effective planning process possible. Layouts included are:

  • Yearly theme, complete with goals and achievement tracker.
  • Monthly calendar overview.
  • Monthly goals.
  • 30-day challenge for each month.
  • Weekly goals.
  • Weekly inspiration and journaling prompts.
  • Weekly outlook that aids in planning the week.
  • Reflective exercises.

It may seem excessive to have so many layouts, but it is not. All the layouts work together to keep you focused on your goals and to plan time efficiently. Including the inspiration and journaling prompts not only help in recognizing goals but will assist in achieving these goals.

6 Months’ Worth of Pages

It will be necessary to buy two notebook planners. This is not to make consumers pay more. It is to make sure that the notebook planner is able to stay lightweight and streamlined. No one wants to carry around a large dictionary sized planner.

By keeping the planner in 6 month increments it stays small enough to fit easily in purses, backpacks, or totes. With a total of 240 pages it includes everything necessary to assist you to be the most goal oriented and productive possible.


Another added value to the Ink and Volt Planner is that it comes undated. This is a great feature for people who tend to not start their planners on traditional months, such as January. It also means if bought today, it can be used immediately.

No waiting for a specific month to come around. Why buy a dated calendar that will waste monthly pages and paying for months that have already passed? Save money and waste less by using an undated calendar.

Pocket and Page Markers Included

Keep all receipts, ticket stubs, or important papers in a convenient inside pocket. Never have a note go missing again by using the handy inside pocket. With the two ribbon page markers it is simple to keep your weekly pages and/or notes easy to get to.

Note Pages

In the second half of the notebook planner, there are 88 pages available for all your notetaking or journaling needs. Pages are printed with a lined and dot grid hybrid format. Pages are perforated to make removing easy and neat. Share, scan, or even toss away your note taking pages.

Use this section to make habit or emotion trackers. Plan weekly menus and pin your shopping list to the menu. Use the pages for weekly journal prompts or to write down important quotes or information. The uses are limitless and keeps you from having to carry an extra journal or notebook.

Also included with the note taking pages is an index page. Keep all your notes organized by using an index page. Add some tabs for further organization.

High-Quality Pages

The smooth, bright white paper is one of the best available. Pages are thick so that ink will not bleed or smear. It is a safe acid-free paper that is rain forest friendly. Not many papers can claim to be Eco-friendly and still be high quality.

Perfect Size

Besides having all the layouts on high-quality paper, it is also the perfect size. Measuring in at 6” x 8.5” it is the perfect size to use at a desk or in meetings. Everything needed to track goals and be productive is contained in a small, handy size.

2019 Undated Planner Plum and Blue Gal

Ink and Volt Planner Review

What Do Customers Say? Customer feedback gives the Ink and Volt planner even more significance for its ability to help get organized, make and keep goals, and be overall more productive.

Many “high five” Ink and Volt Planner review have been left on their page describing the life changing planner and all they have accomplished with its use.

“The notebook planner helped a customer be able to outline her yearly goals so that she was able to manage her life financially better. It also aided in making a bigger commitment to bettering herself. She used the weekly journal prompts to set aside time for herself so that she could gain perspective of her life.

Being able to time block daily and track appointments day to day kept her in line to me her productivity goals.”

“As coordinator of a gifted and talent program in a small-town high school she utilized this planner with the students. As part of a college prep program the seniors were taught how to take notes, stay organized, and ways to read textbooks. Each senior was given one of these planners as a graduation gift.

Their freshman year is now planned out and they are thrilled to be so well prepared. The Ink and Volt planner boosted their confidence as they moved on to their next stage in life.”

2019 Undated Planner Navy Gal

“Received the Ink and Volt planner as a Christmas gift and it changed their life. He was able to plan the curriculum and make progress as a musician with the planner. The layouts of the pages allow for putting any kinds of thoughts or ideas on paper.

The reminders through the notebook make it easy to keep track of long-term goals. Discovering newfound productivity has changed his life and he never leaves home without is the planner.”

“Goal tracking and achieving have never been as visible as it has been with the Ink and Volt planner. She was able to see all the improvement in life that has occurred this year and was amazed. Making long-term goals that seemed in possible at the time, were completely achievable at the end of the year. The results are thanks to this planner. Next year she plans to achieve even more!”

“Big life changes can come at any time. With this planner she was able to be prepared for leaving her job. The Ink and Volt planner was a constant companion with its planning, goal tracking and journaling pages. She loves how it opens flat so that left handed writers are able to use it without struggles. The only planner she will now use.”

Things to Love
  • Available in five colors: Black, Navy, Gunmetal, Plum, and Spruce
  • High quality, acid free paper that is eco-friendly
  • Include perforated note pages with an index page
  • Many goal tracking and planning layouts
  • Weekly journal prompts
Things to Consider
  • No designs on the book, only solid colors
  • Must buy 2 for a full year of use

2019 Undated Planner Plum Gal Notebook


Success takes work and this planner helps to put in the time needed to be successful. Organize all aspects of your life in one simple place. Keeping track of long-term and short-term goals as you proceed through the year.

This planner will become a close friend that you will rely on to get you through the day and to be the most productive. Track all your achievements and goals to see yourself as you evolve.

Visit Ink and Volt planners today to become the best you that is possible. It is even possible to do a virtual flip through of the notebook planner to see all it glories in person.

Be successful, organized and productive every day.