Have you found yourself wondering lately, “What is a vision board?” If so, then you’re not alone. Vision boards, which also may be called dream boards, are a hot topic right now, particularly among people who are seeking a more productive, meaningful and happy life.

With this article, you’ll learn how to make a vision board that really works. In fact, these vision board ideas just might help Fyou to start realizing your dreams.

What Is a Vision Board?What Is a Vision Board

Think of a vision board as a physical manifestation of your favorite hopes and dreams. Through the process of creating your dream vision board, you’ll clarify and define your goals so that you can enjoy more certainty about what you want from life.

In addition, creating a vision board is an incredibly imaginative process. You’ll examine your goals and reflect on what you really matters to you. Moreover, you’ll start planning how you will achieve these goals and what the world will love like after your accomplishment.

Vision boards may take many forms. Traditionally, they are created on poster board using words and images clipped from magazines or other publications. This is still a popular idea for how to make a dream board, but there are many other options available.

For instance, some people prefer to make a vision board that’s portable. They’ll make one that folds up accordion style so that they can refer to it on the go. Other people feel like they need a lot more space to dream, so they convert an entire wall in their house into a super-sized dream board. A bulletin board with push pins is preferable to some people, but others like to keep their vision board in a journal or a planner. The Clever Fox Planner is one example of a calendar that has pages designed specifically for use as a dream board.

In recent years, computer software and apps have become available that make it possible to create digital vision boards. For the tech obsessed, this is the ideal solution. With a vision board template, it is easier than ever before to visualize your goals.

All of these options will be explored in greater detail, but for now, it’s vital to understand how the vision board process works and why you would be interested in making one in the first place.

Why Vision Boarding Makes Sense?Why Vision Boarding Makes Sense

If you’ve been wondering, “What is a dream board?” then you probably also want to know why you should make one. The answer is simple. It’s a way to define your goals to make them more concrete. Vision boards also help you to visualize what you want your life to look like.

You can use a vision board to define your goals both large and small. In fact, you could create a dream board for virtually anything you desire.

Some dream board examples include:
  • Running your first 5k
  • Losing 10 pounds
  • Deepening relationships with your family
  • Learning a new language or other skill
  • Opening a business
  • Retiring at 50
  • Finding a new relationship
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Building greater self-confidence

As you can see, the subject of your vision board could be almost anything. It’s also possible to make a vision board that encapsulates several goals at once. Some people create a new vision board each year, using their New Year’s resolutions as their inspiration.

The main idea is to shape and solidify your goals so that they figure more prominently in your daily thought processes. You may place your vision board somewhere so that you can see it every day. Once a day or once a week, depending upon your preferences, you can look at your vision board and consider how you are progressing toward your goal and what your next steps might be.

Success with Vision BoardsSuccess with Vision Boards

Many famous and well-known individuals have used vision boards to make their dreams come true. One of the most famous of these is Oprah Winfrey. Recognized for her talk show, acting and philanthropy, Winfrey is a long-time proponent of vision board goals. Additionally, Winfrey is a believer in Law of Attraction principles, which may be used as a basis for creating vision boards. Learn out comprehensive and fun – law of attraction planner review.

One vision board sample of Oprah’s is the first one she made. Winfrey was a huge supporter of Barack Obama, and when Michelle Obama encouraged Winfrey to visualize him as the president, the idea struck a chord. Winfrey got a poster board and glued Obama’s picture and a picture of the dress she wanted to wear to his inaugural ball to it. She worked toward this goal, and it eventually became a reality.

Law of Attraction vision board samples might include the one that Winfrey made. Simply put, the Law of Attraction refers to the concept that people draw things into their lives by focusing on them. Those who constantly allow thoughts of gloom to overwhelm their minds will tend to attract negative events. However, those who focus on optimism and make hopeful goals tend to attract positive events. This may be because they have productive goals in mind, and they are taking concrete steps to achieve those ends.

Another recognizable talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, also is open about her use of dream boards. In fact, she once made a vision board about her desire to be featured on the cover of Oprah’s O Magazine. When she realized that dream, she shared the pertinent vision board with her audience.

How to Make a Vision Board

How to Make a Vision Board
Courtesy of Kelly Cree

When it comes to vision board ideas, the options are practically endless. To simplify things, let’s take a closer look at goal board ideas using poster board.

Keep in mind that there are no real “rules” to this process. It’s flexible and highly customizable. Your vision board needs to work for you, so it makes sense that you might establish your own rules and refine them along the way.

Many dream board devotees like to begin the process with some writing. All you need is a pen and some paper to start brainstorming what your most important goals are. Bullet journaling can be extremely helpful in this process. If you regularly keep a journal, then you might look back at the last few weeks or months to help you identify some new goals for yourself.

Once you hit upon a likely goal, or even several of them, try to go into more detail about what reaching that goal will look like. How will you feel? How will your life be affected? Feel free to write as much as you like.

Also, give some thought to how you might achieve that goal. Try to be specific about the steps that may be involved. This may give you more ideas about what to include on your board.

Now for the fun part. Sit down with some magazines and scissors to start finding images, words and phrases that capture the look or feel of achieving your goal. You also can use photographs that you’ve taken yourself or your own artwork. Some people like to write about their goals right on the poster board. Remember, it’s totally up to you.

Feel free to divide your board into various sections such as career goals, financial goals, relationship goals and fitness goals. You might also create a vision board that’s devoted to just one aim.

Now that you have your images and phrases, it’s time to glue them to your board. A glue stick is the perfect tool for this job. As you fasten each piece of paper to the board, think about what it means to you, and why you chose it. This will help you to further solidify and define your goal.

That’s really one of the secrets to making a vision board that works. The more reflection you put into it, the more sharply defined your goals are likely to be. You’ll know precisely what you want and also have a pretty good idea about how to get there.

Using Your Vision Board

Using Your Vision Board
Courtesy of jeanbaptisteparis

There are few rules to this process. Some people put their vision board away and don’t think about it for years. One day, they suddenly remember that dream board and realize that they have achieved the goal that they visualized so long ago.

Other people keep a vision board in a room in their house where they can see it often or they carry it around with them everywhere they go. They may refer to it on a daily basis, reminding themselves of where they are going and why it is important to them to get there. Each day, they spend a few moments thinking about where they are in their journey, and they may reflect on additional steps they can take to realize their goal.

Vision Board Ideas for Students
Courtesy of essie

Whenever you feel like you need some inspiration or a reminder about why you started this journey, your vision board will provide you with the motivation you seek.


Vision Board Ideas for Students

A dream vision board is a wonderful project for any student. Elementary, middle and high school students are not too young to be planning for a fulfilling future. College students also may benefit from focusing their goals to get the most out of their academic experience.

Dream board ideas for students are boundless. Students may focus on:
  • Things they want to learn
  • Problems they hope to solve
  • Goals for the school year
  • An obstacle they’d like to overcome
  • The life they hope to have after graduation

Here is one example that features few images. It’s mostly made up of words, phrases and even a few well-known sayings:bigpictureclasses

wonderful vision board
Courtesy of KinchieAZ

Here is a wonderful vision board using affirmations. This could become part of a daily exercise in which you focus on the qualities that you want to possess.

Other dream board examples for students show how you might want to divide a single board into several sections:JodieGale


With these vision board goals in place, it’s possible for students of any age to focus their minds on academic excellence, good citizenship, professional aspirations and more.

Vision Board Examples

Of course, vision board ideas aren’t just for students. People of all ages and descriptions may benefit from using a dream board.

One vision board sample offers an in-depth look at one person’s goals for mindfulness and well-being.

Notice the emphasis on self-care, joy, enjoying more peace and even some ideas about healthy nutritional choices.

This travel vision board is of particular interest because it includes elements that the maker crafted themselves as well as repurposed objects like Scrabble tiles

Here’s a dream board that focuses on one year of goals. It includes everything from becoming debt-free to leading an intentional life and becoming a stronger person.kimberlyelise


Notice that it only includes words. Other examples include a balance of images and words, like the one below.

When it comes to how to make a dream board, the possibilities really are endless. Goal board ideas might include your plans for an early retirement or your hopes for letting go of worry. Consider all of the examples listed above as inspiration for your own journey.

Whether you use a vision board template on a computer or an old-school poster board, the process is bound to make you feel energized and purposeful. The next time someone asks you, “What is a dream board?” you’ll know how to answer, and you might even be able to share how creating a vision board has changed your life.