Is your 3-ring binder bent out of shape? Don’t throw it out yet. Fixing it is easy, and by following a few suggestions, we can get those binder-rings back on track. There are usually levers on the top and bottom of the binder track that you use to open the rings properly, however, we don’t always open them accordingly.

Opening your binder by pulling the rings can create misalignments, causing frustrations like torn papers. Therefore, we came up with a progressive way to show you how to fix broken binder rings. We also follow up with some great options for new good 3-ring binders in case yours is beyond repair.

Getting it Straight

It’s no grueling process getting your binder rings back in shape. By following these simple steps on how to fix binder rings that are uneven, your binder should be good as new.

  • You’ll need to take everything out of the binder rings. If you are worried about the papers getting mixed, or the holes becoming unaligned, take a pencil or other straight round object that is the size of the holes and put it into them to keep the paper in order.
  • If your binder is jammed, grab a screwdriver and pry the rings. Be careful and mindful not to break the rings or the track. Over stressing can render the binder useless. If this isn’t working, take your hands and firmly grab the binder rings, applying downward pressure as you pull them open.
  • Once the misaligned ring is open, you can open the others by using the top and bottom operating tabs. This will put your rings back on track.
  • Now that you have all of the rings open and on track, you can realign the damaged binder ring. Take one side in each hand and with medium pressure, push the rings in the opposite direction of misalignment without breaking them.
  • Once aligned, close the rings by once again using the operating tabs on the top and bottom of the track.

Continue the process for each ring that may need some alignment. You can rework the same ring until you get it where it needs to be. Reworking slowly also helps prevent over bending it or adding too much stress at one time, potentially breaking it.

How to fix binder rings that overlap:

Follow first three steps above.

  • You will then take the screwdriver or small hammer and tap to fix the binder rings that overlap until it realigns with the side that is in its correct place. Pay attention to each tap so as not to over bend it. If this happens, you can use your hands to pull the side that went too far. However, do not pull so hard that you relieve the ring from the binder.
  • Follow final step from above.

Beyond Repair

Binders are a great way to organize spreadsheets, client info, homework, etc. Below are some 3-ring binders that can assist you in keeping all your projects in order. These top options are great binders for college students, or they can be used to satisfy any of your other stationery needs.

1. Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio

Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio with Removable 3-Ring Binder and Letter Size Writing Pad, Black, PAD-40


Case-it is a great option for those that need some extra space around their 3-ring binder. This zippered padfolio comes equipped with a writing pad for those quick notes, an elastic document holder for quick access in those business meetings, and the binder is removable, you know, in case you need to fix it.

2. Samsill Fashion Color 3 Ring Storage Binders

Samsill Fashion Color 3 Ring Storage Binders, 1 Inch Round Ring, Assorted Colors May Vary (Blue Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Blueberry), Bulk Binders - 6 Pack

You will find these in almost any student or business organizing arsenal. They come in multiple colors, and they are ideal for managing multiple projects or organizing different business proposals and portfolios. Samsill Binders are a go-to for almost any 3-ring binder necessity, and they come in a 6-pack. You can also use them in your Case-it Padfolio.

3. Case-it Universal

Case-it Universal 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder, Holds 13 Inch Laptop, Purple, LT-007-PUR

Perfect for college students, this binder comes with a slot for your laptop as well. It is equipped with handles and a strap for easy carry, as well as two extra internal pockets for loose-leaf papers or documents. Case-it Universal also zips, which helps prevent the dog from eating your homework.

In summary

Knowing how to fix broken binder rings is super easy. Furthermore, finding the right binder for the job is too. Keeping your old one in shape saves you money and cuts down on waste. However, we know that some things just cannot be fixed, but most are replaceable. Also, binders can be a fun and creative accessory to your organizing.

Either way, there are always options in life, and we like to assist in making sure you are always making the best fitting for your lifestyle. Moreover, we honestly feel having options helps getting the life you desire more accessible