Keep track of everything important in your life and gain motivation when you have the right planner. The Happy Planner is a fully customizable planner that makes it easy to make short-term and long-term plans and goals.

This Happy Planner review covers all of the details about this planner. Learn about its features and the fully capabilities of this planner. Get a look at the pros and cons.

You will get a look at what other Happy Planner users are saying too. All of this information will make it easy to determine if this is the best planner for your needs.


Happy Planner 2019-2020The Happy Planner is a discbound planner that is easy to customize. The binding ensures that you can like the pages flat when you are working in this planner.

This makes it easier to write and draw all the way to both edges without issue.

You can add additional pages to this planner. This not only allows for further customization, but it also makes it easy to add more space where you need it.

You can also rearrange the pages to best meet your preferences.

The color schemes are unique, so it is easy to find the planner cover and design that matches your personality. The fonts are also unique, as well as the inspirational quotes.

Classic Happy Planner® - Vintage Botanical - 18 Months (2019-2020)

Peruse the options to find the one that sparks your interest the most.

Use the monthly dashboard to keep track of loved one’s birthdays and other important events that will happen later in the year.

You can also make some notes in this section so that you do not forget about anything important.

Each month has its own color so that it is easy to remember where you are at in your planner.

In the monthly view section, there is a large sidebar where you can input important notes.The weekend boxes are offset in a different color so that they are easy to identify.

The daily planner uses a vertical layout. You have a box for each of the different days.

These boxes are sizable so that you can fit a lot of information into them.

There is a notes page at the back of this planner. It only comes with a single page, but you can add more if you want to make more notes in this section. You can add more pages throughout and even get bigger discs so that you can accommodate a lot more pages.

There are tabs throughout the planner that offset the different sections. These are laminated so that they are not easy to damage when you are carrying your planner around.

The pages in this planner are high in quality. You can use your favorite markers and pens in this planner without seeing your ink bleed through onto the other side of the page.
Classic Happy Planner® - Squad Life - 18 Months (2019-2020)
There is plenty of room for stickers and other accessories, such as washi tape, so that you can personalize your planner.

There are different accessory and extension packs that are available. All of these items were designed specifically for the Happy Planner so that you know that they will fit in perfectly with all of the pre-existing planner elements.

This planner is flexible and works as more than just a standard planner. You can use it to create your goals, discuss your dreams, make note of great memories and to remark about what you are grateful for. This ensures that it motivates you while it keeps you more organized.


  • This planner has disc binding
  • The covers are interchangeable
  • It has a monthly dashboard
  • It is a 12-month planner
  • The covers are laminated
  • There are foil-treated dividers
  • This planner has weekly and monthly layouts
  • It measures approximately eight by 10 inches
  • This planner features a vertical layout
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of accessories
  • The cover is strong so that it protects the contents inside the planner
  • The planner weighs just over a pound
  • It is small in size so that it is easy to carry with you
Happy Planer Organaizer Women Goal

What Customers Are Saying

One of the best ways to learn about the Happy Planner is to see what actual customers have to say about this planner. This information gives you a better look at how the planner operates and how it helps people to boost their productivity.

This part of this Happy Planner view focuses solely on the reviews of other customers. Keep in mind what you are seeking in a planner as you read these reviews. This will make it easy to see if the capabilities of this planner match up with your preferences and needs.

Things to Love
  • This planner has a variety of covers available
  • You can use stickers to customize the dates on your planner
  • It is easy to rearrange the planner’s sections to best meet your needs
  • This planner covers an entire year so that you can make plans for a full 12 months
  • You can use your favorite planner accessories with this planner
  • The binding makes it easy to open this planner flat for writing and drawing
  • The different pages make it simple to add a variety of sections on a single page
  • The durable paper allows you to use markers and pens
  • In addition to planning, this planner can also function as dream, gratitude, or memory journal
Things to Consider
  • You cannot customize the cover
  • On the bottom of the weekly spreads there is no extra space
  • This planner does not have a pouch folder to carry small accessories
  • There is only a single notes page
  • Compared to the planner pages, the back and front covers are larger to help to protect the inner pages
  • In the month calendar, the notes section is on the left side
  • This planner is lacking a year at a glance page that includes a calendar


This concludes this Happy Planner review. Start by thinking about what you need in a planner and compare your needs to what the Happy Planner has to offer. This makes it easy to determine if it has all of the basic elements that you require.

Read the review portion and check out all of the features that this planner has to offer. This helps you to evaluate the abilities of this planner so that you can see if it will work for you. Doing this will also ensure that you get the motivation boost that you seek from this planner.

Evaluate the pros and cons of this planner. This helps you to see its strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that these work for you and allow you to use the planner in the ways that you need to.

Lastly, explore what other customers have to say about this planner. Getting the opinions of people who have actually used it makes it easy to determine if it is the best choice for you.

Now, all you have to do is buy the planner and get started customizing it to your needs and preferences. Before you know it, you will have the motivation and organization that you need to succeed.