Do you have trouble staying focused on your goals? Or do you want to get more out of life? You can improve your focus and flow by using a planner that’s right for your brain type.

The EVO Planner has four varieties centered around the different brain types. You can take a free assessment on Project EVO’s website before buying a planner to know what your type is. In our Evo Planner review, we’ll take a deep dive into the unique features of this planner, what customers are saying, and the pros and cons.

What Problem the Product Solves and What Separates It from the Rest EVO Planner Daily Journal Non Dated Weekly Monthly Gratitude Agenda - Happiness Goals Productivity (Quarterly 90-Day Planner)


This planner solves the problem of working against your brain type. Project EVO believes in improving focus, flow, and freedom to increase productivity and succeed in life.

The EVO Planner is personalized to your unique brain type. Before buying the planner, you take a test that will let you know what your brain type is between alchemist, architect, explorer, and Oracle.

This planner is based on over 10 years of cognitive psychology research and development.

The daily planning pages are structured in a way that’s most beneficial for your brain type. All of the planners have a section for gratitude, priorities, EVO flow score and biggest takeaways from the day. They are just structured in different ways.

You can scan the EVO flow score section to record and track your progress in the EVO Flow Planner System. The data dashboard gives you an overview of what’s working and what isn’t. There are audio guides on using the planner in the app too. EVO Planner Daily Journal Non Dated Weekly Monthly Gratitude Agenda - Happiness Goals Productivity (Quarterly 90-Day Planner)


At the top of each daily planning page is a motivational quote that resonates with your brain type. Although other planners include quotes, they are usually not chosen as meticulously with a certain brain type in mind.

In the alchemist planner, “Today’s Priorities” is divided by most important, sub-tasks and other tasks. Explorer, in contrast has a top 3 list of your day’s top priorities and morning, afternoon and evening tasks.

Architects have their top three priorities labeled as most important, wellness and fun. Under that they have a list where they can write other priorities. And the oracle planner has a single line for your most important task, a box for work priorities and a box for personal priorities.

Each daily planning page also has a section for intention setting. For alchemists, the intention setting is “Today, I will share my discoveries by…” Architects, however, need order and balance: “Today, I will create order and balance in my life by…” Explorers will set intentions around fun and adventure. And intention setting for oracles is “Today, I will find time to focus by…” EVO Planner Daily Journal Non Dated Weekly Monthly Gratitude Agenda - Happiness Goals Productivity (Quarterly 90-Day Planner)

The monthly planning pages feature monthly focus, projects, to-do lists and goal setting.

You are asked to set one monthly goal for different categories of life, such as health, relationships, cash flow, fun and contribution.

The monthly planning page also has a line where you list the action steps it will take to achieve each goal.

When it comes to planning your week and days, you will know the important action steps to work into your schedule.

This planner’s weekly planning section features to-dos, top three tasks, goals and end-of-week review.

Your to-dos are divided by work and personal. For each category, you can list top three tasks.  Like the monthly section, you’ll write one goal for five different life categories.

These can be a smaller chunk of your monthly goal.

In the weekly review, you reflect on your week and list what your favorite moments were and what you learned. Then, you rank yourself on the EVO scale and scan it on the EVO Flow Planner System app to track your progress. You can also bubble in what habit you think you should focus on to improve the next week.

There are 18 notes pages at the back of the planner where you can make lists, brainstorm, sketch or take notes. Nine of the pages are lined, and the other nine are blank.

  • Copper-gilded pages
  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Daily, weekly and monthly planning pages
  • Undated 90 days
  • Comes with a mobile app
  • Gratitude
  • Workflow and productivity
  • Brain-type assessment
  • Personalized for your brain type
  • Notes pages

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers have given positive EVO Planner reviews. They loved the brain type assessment and thought it was accurate. Some said that planners in the past didn’t work for them and after trying the EVO planner based on their brain type, they have finally found a planner that works.

One customer who was pleased with the planner said that it helped improve communication with their girlfriend. They had her take the brain type assessment and bought the EVO planner for her. In the planner, there is a section that explains how the different brain types interact with each other, so they were able to gain valuable insights on each other.

Another way that customers described the planner is it works with the way they think, so they don’t feel like they are forcing themselves into a new way of operating.

Among negative customer reviews, some thought they weren’t analyzed correctly by the brain type assessment. One customer who was labeled an architect thought the EVO Planner was too complicated and overwhelming. They were seeking a planner that has less fields to fill out.

Other customers thought it was too expensive for only 90 days of space. EVO Planner Daily Journal Non Dated Weekly Monthly Gratitude Agenda - Happiness Goals Productivity (Quarterly 90-Day Planner)


Things to Love
  • The brain type assessment on Project EVO’s website is free and quick to take. It’s around 10 questions.
  • You are given helpful information on the strengths and weaknesses of your brain type.
  • Each daily planner is designed to maximize flow and productivity for the respective brain type.
  • By having your loved ones take the brain type assessment, you can gain a better understanding of each other and communicate more effectively.
  • Its daily format lets you focus on tackling one day at a time.
  • The planner has a high-quality, gender-neutral design.
  • The EVO Flow Planner System app tracks your progress when you scan the pages in your planner. You can easily determine which areas need improvement.
Things to Consider
  • As with most daily planners, it only lasts for 90 days. You would need four planners to cover an entire year, which makes the planner expensive.
  • You might feel overwhelmed with the weekly pages included.
  • Some people view it unnecessary to use weekly planning pages in a daily planner whereas others find it helpful.


The EVO Planner is worth trying whether you are new to planning or you have unsuccessfully tried other planners in the past. We believe there is a planner for everyone, no matter what type of personality you have.

One of the top advantages of the EVO Planner is its designed based on over 10 years of cognitive psychology research and development. There are four general types of brains, so each category of EVO Planner is personalized for that type.

If you like the thought of working with the way you naturally think and organize information, then the EVO Planner is a good choice. However, the price point may be enough reason for you to keep searching for the right planner