In todays world, a lot of people like to travel. Not just travel their own country or state but travel cross country.

When they do this, most times they want to be able to take a diary or a journal that will help them keep up with all the memories they will be making.

When you decide that this is what you are wanting to do, what journal do you go with? Are you just as lost as me? If so do not worry, this article lists the 10 best journals for men, kids, and so much more.

List of 10 Best Travel Journals on the Market Today:

1. Old World Journal

Old World Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Travel Journal) (Guided Journals) (Full Size Foldover Journals)



This is one of the best travel diaries you can find. It helps make jotting your ideas and thoughts down really easy. This is probably due to its map inspired design that helps take exploring to a new level.

It has a gold- foil tracery limns that are just gleaming. It also has all the continents and navigational lines. To help keep your thoughts all in one place, it has a foldover panel that keeps closed with a magnet.

This helps to ensure you that all of your thoughts and ideas are kept safe. This also makes it a really good personal diary because you do not have to worry about keeping up with a lock and key. It has paper that is very smooth and substantially acid- free.

Old World Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Travel Journal) (Guided Journals) (Full Size Foldover Journals)

Things to Love
  • Has 160 pages that are lightly lined.
  • Has a very sturdy cover that is able to stand up to the hardships that traveling can cause.
  • You are able to record your adventures no matter what their size.
Things to Consider
  • While the pages are really nice, they are quite thin.
  • Depending on what you use to write, you can see the ink from the other side of the paper.
  • Does not take to specialty pens very well.

2. Travel Life Journal

Travel Life Journal (Diary, Notebook)


If and when you find yourself wanting to travel the world and jot down everything you see, this is a really good men’s journal to have. It is considered a “men’s journal” mainly because of the distressed look it has. It has words and phrases that are travel related to give the writer more inspiration.

It has very glossy chalk looking letters that help the entire journal really stand out. Its 160 lightly lined pages give plenty of room for the writer to jot down their adventures, travel notes, or even their favorite quotes of the day. The acid- free papers are meant to take effortlessly to pen or pencil. It has a cover on the inside to hold things like business card, notes, important reminders, and so much more.

Travel Life Journal (Diary, Notebook)

Things to Love
  • It is a mid- size journal which makes it roughly 6″ wide by 8 1/2″ tall.
  • Matching elastic band to keep it closed and your thoughts secure.
  • It is pretty light weight.
Things to Consider
  • Only has lined paper, not much of an option.
  • Can be bigger than what is expected

3. Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids

The Ultimate Travel Journal For Kids: Awesome Activities for Your Adventures


This is the best kids travel journal and if you find yourself traveling with little ones, it is worth getting. This journal makes it an even more memorable experience with all of its activities. It consist of games ranging from ages 4 to 9.

The older the child the more they are able to jot down and this journal provides them with places to put things like the highlights of their day, what new discoveries they find, and so much more. Not only does it have tons of games and activities to keep kids busy and from asking you 1 million and 1 question, but it also has things like guided travel writing prompts and even DIY souvenirs.

After you get back home and everything gets unpacked, your little one will have their journal to look back on and show their friends all the exciting adventures they went on.

The Ultimate Travel Journal For Kids: Awesome Activities for Your Adventures

Things to Love
  • It makes traveling (even just to grandmas) more exciting for children
  • It is illustrated really well with picture and ideas that grab the mind of a little one.
  • It is the perfect size for kids to carry on their own.
Things to Consider
  • N/A

4. Trips Journal

Trips Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Travel Journal) (Small Format Journals)


This is a vintage trip journal book that is perfect for your next trip adventure. It is a completely blank book that has a collage of travel related ephemera cover with really glossy highlights.

It has blue end- sheets that really complement the design of the cover as well. All of its 160 lightly- lined pages give the writer the perfect amount of writing space.

It also give the perfect area to sketch a favorite place or even jot down favorite poems and quotes. Its papers are acid- free and they really take to pencil and pen beautifully.

Things to Love
  • Elastic band to hold your writing place and or keep your journal closed.
  • Inside pocket works amazingly for pictures, important notes, business cards, etc.
  • The binding lies flat which makes writing easier.
Things to Consider
  • Paper is limited
  • Even thought it has a nice cover, that is sort- of where the writing inspiration ends.
  • Instead of 160 pages, it has closer to 80.

5. Travel Journal

Travel Journal


Since the road of life can lead you to different views or even foreign lands, you need to have a pretty cool travel journal to match. With this journal, you are going to be able to capture each memorable adventure. It is published by Belle City Gifts and has about 160 pages.

Things to Love
  • The graphics of this journal are amazing.
  • The paper is lined really nicely.
  • A really good gift for people who are looking to start traveling.
Things to Consider
  • While the outside looks really good, the inside does not look any different from a simple spiral you can get at the store.
  • The brown band that looks like a place keeper or something to keep the book closed is just part of the cover.
  • There are only inspirational quotes on the cover, no where else.

6. My Travel Journal (Lonely Planet Kids)

My Travel Journal (Lonely Planet Kids)


This is a really fun travel journal for kids that will make it impossible for them to forget their adventures. This journal is packed cover to cover with different writing topic suggestions, ideas to get those creative ideas flowing, lists of fun things to complete, and so much more.

This makes it the perfect thing for young travelers to have. On the inside there is tons of space to write, collage, draw, and color. When they are done they end up having turned their journal into an amazing scrap book that they will treasure for forever. It has really fun illustrations to go with its super bright cover. It is also the perfect size for any child.

My Travel Journal (Lonely Planet Kids)

Things to Love
  • Has a decent amount of space for little hands.
  • Gives specific things for kids to write about.
  • Has great prompts for doodling.
Things to Consider
  • If your child tends to write big then they might not have enough space in the book.
  • Some kids might get board if they are not that into writing.

7. God’s Splendor is a Tale that is Told: Travel Journal

God's Splendor is a Tale that is Told: Travel Journal


This is a very beautifully designed travel journal. It is the a really good companion to have on your next big trip. It has inspiring quotes paired with scriptures form the bible that will encourage any writer to make the most of their trip.

It has pages that are lightly ruled and made of high quality paper. This give the writers all the space they need to be able to express their thoughts about what’s going on around them. As you embark on any new journey, keep in mind that god’s splendor is a tale that is told Psalm 19:1.

Things to Love
  • Has roughly 140 pages.
  • The scriptures and messages add a personal touch.
  • Pages are very nicely lined.
Things to Consider
  • Book is not that durable.

8. I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded (Travel Journal for Women and Men, Travel Journal for Kids, Travel Journal with Prompts)


This is a very colorfully illustrated guided travel book with pockets. It encourages its users to explore the things that are easily over looked as well as the amazing daily details that they run into while traveling. It is packed full of fun and unique journeys that can be done in any city.

It also prompts its users to record every whimsical discover they come across. This unique book has more than enough room to jot down things like itineraries, addressed, tips from the locals, and even their thoughts about the places they visited. It has a section that has important things like time zones and measurements that the user might need to know. It even has a nice pocket in the back for collecting pictures or ephemera.

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded (Travel Journal for Women and Men, Travel Journal for Kids, Travel Journal with Prompts)

Things to Love
  • has about 130 pages
  • It is guided so its perfect for kids
  • Helps find places on your trip that you might not see other wise.
Things to Consider
  • N/A

9. Travel Journal

Travel Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Compact Journal Series)


This smart, compact, journal is almost a necessity for your next big trip. It has a die- cut foldover to keep your journal closed. This makes it a great personal diary. It has a hard cover so it is really easy to use.

Things to Love
  • It is smaller than other journals.
  • It is acid- free and has a really smooth finish.
  • It has a pocket on the inside for pictures.
Things to Consider
  • Its smaller size can make it more difficult to wright in.
  • It does not have much organization to it to be called a “travel” journal.
  • Even though it is smaller, it is heavier.

10. Leather Writing Journal with Strap Closure

Leather Writing Journal with Strap closure


This is a really good leather travel journal. It has a very classic rustic look that puts it at the heart of the market for leather journals. It has 160 sheets of paper that are acid- free. To make this journal even more unique, each book is made by hand from start to finish. This is part of why it has been a favorite for the last decade.

Things to Love
  • It is very durable
  • The leather is very soft and actually smells like real leather.
  • It is very unique and absolutely beautiful.
Things to Consider
  • It is difficult to write in due to it being made of real leather.
  • Writing in it can be a little on the uncomfortable side.
  • It might be more for the people who want to look like they really like writing.

best travel journals


As you can see there are a lot of choices to make when it comes to picking your next travel journal. If I had to pick I would probably go with either the I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded or the Leather Writing Journal with Strap Closure.

This is simply because if me and my family ever get to a point where we are able to travel, then I would want to have a journal that would make it easy to jot down things that I see as well as lead us to things we might not have seen other wise.

I also really like the Leather Writing Journal with Strap Closure mainly because I feel like it would work perfectly for my own personal journal that I write in every night. Now mind you, if these two end up being out of your budget then don’t worry.

There are plenty others listed above that would work just as good. Just make sure that you do what is going to be best for you and your traveling plans