Channel Your Creativity With the Best Sketchbook for Markers


Channel Your Creativity With the Best Sketchbook for Markers

Every artist and creative mind understands the importance of a variety of markers for sketching, writing or coloring in adult coloring books. It can be frustrating, however, to have a low-quality sketchbook where markers bleed through the pages or blot or smear the marker ink.

Because of this, we researched the best sketchbook for markers to find the highest quality books that will suit your needs and handle your markers with quality precision.

In our analysis of various sketchbooks, we compared the durability of each book, the thickness, and quality of the paper, number of pages, and size of the book itself.

We considered reviews from previous customers of each sketchbook and decided on the pros and cons of each sketchbook.

By the end of this list, you are sure to find a sketchbook that will fit all your preferences and needs to sketch, write or color with your markers.

Top 10 Best Sketchbooks for Markers

Canson Artist Series Universal Paper Sketch Pad


Canson has been in the paper business for nearly half a millennium. This spiral-bound pad is one of the best sketchbooks for drawing on the go.

This sketch pad features perforated sheets of 65-pound (about 244gsm) paper. Each of the 100 sheets of paper is 5.5 x 8.5 inches and is made of 30% post-consumer material.

People love this book for its high-quality paper and agree that this is one of the best sketchbooks available.Canson Artist Series Universal Paper Sketch Pad

Things to Love
  • The size of this sketchbook makes it perfect for drawing on-the-go. It can easily fit into most bags and purses.
  • The perforated pages allow you to share your work with others or tear out pages that you may not be happy with.
Things to Consider
  • The paper may bleed a bit depending on which marker you use. Be sure to do a marker test or put a piece of copy paper between pages to prevent any bleeding.

If you want a long-time trusted brand, that is easy to carry around and works well with markers, this is the sketchbook for you.

Leda Art Supply The Perfect Premium Medium Sketch Book


This simply designed sketchbook will protect your drawing in style. The book has 160 pages of 130gsm paper. The size of the notebook is slightly smaller than a half sheet of copy paper and the flexible cover will keep the pages protected against the elements.Leda Art Supply The Perfect Premium Medium Sketch Book

Many love this sketchbook for its smooth writing surface, making it perfect for markers without feathering on the page.

Things to Love
  • The faux leather cover provides all-weather protection to protect your sketches on the go.
  • The quality paper and simple design of this notebook make it a great gift for any creative person in your family.
Things to Consider
  • The paper is thinner than other sketchbook pages so you may only be able to draw, sketch or paint on one side of the paper as your work may bleed through or warp the pages.

In your search for the best quality sketchbooks for markers, check out this Leda Art Supply book.

Strathmore Drawing 400 Series Toned Tan Sketch Pad


If you are looking for bleedproof paper sketchbooks, look no further than this Strathmore 400 series. The spiral binding makes sketching on either side of the page easy and the tan tone of the pages give your media a classic or weathered look. The pages are 100% recycled and contain 30% post-consumer content.

Many customers of this book enjoy the smooth pages, which prevent feathering from markers. People are also pleased with the light tan color of the pages.

Things to Love
  • Perforated sheets let you share your work with others and the sturdy chipboard backing will protect your pages from bending or tearing.
Things to Consider
  • The 118gsm paper may be a bit thinner than other sketchbooks if you prefer to draw on both sides of the page.

If you are looking for a sketchbook that is not the typical cream color of most sketchbooks, this is a great option.

Bee Paper Company Bleedproof Marker Pad


This sketchpad is designed specifically to be bleed proof for use with both water-based and permanent markers.

The top binding of this sketchpad allows you to remove drawings as you go or whenever you desire. The natural white color of the paper will show the true colors of your markers without bleeding.

Users of this sketchpad love that their markers seem to last longer as the bleed proof paper prevents the marker from soaking into the page.

Things to Love
  • The 8.5 x 11-inch paper provides a classic paper size with quality sheets for all your marker sketches.
Things to Consider
  • Because the pages are meant to be easily ripped out, the binding on this notebook can break easily. If you want to store your drawings, consider a spiral or hardbound sketchbook.

With its acid-free white paper and bleedfree design, this Bee Paper Company book is one of the best sketchbooks for markers.

Art-n-Fly 100 Sheets 9 x 12 Inch Smooth Sketchpad


Another top-bound notebook that works well with markers is the Art-n-Fly sketchpad. Each book has 100 sheets of quality 70-pound paper is durable enough for use with markers without feathering or bleeding.100 Sheets 9 x 12 Inch Smooth Sketchpad for Drawing Pencils Pens Markers Sketching Coloring Sketch Pad Spiral Bound Sketchbook by Art-n-Fly

Most people agree that this sketchbook provides quality paper and binding at an affordable price. They say the pages are tough enough for markers and gentle enough for light pencil work as well.

Things to Love
  • The spiral bind of this book allows it to open flat on any surface for ease of sketching.
  • Each sheet of paper is 9 x 12-inches which is just bigger than copy paper for a professional look.
Things to Consider
  • While this paper does work fine with markers, it is meant more for dry media like graphite or pastels.

If you are looking for a sketchpad with larger sheets to practice your marker sketches on, this notebook is a great deal for the price.

Crescent Creative Products 8.5 11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook


One of the more awesome sketchbooks for markers is the RENDR Hardbound book from Crescent Creative Products.Crescent Creative Products 8.5 11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook for markers

This 8.5 x 11-inch hardcover sketchbook offers 180gsm acid-free paper that includes “Rendr no-show thru technology” and is great for marker users. It is a tough product that lives up to its promises.

This book is loved by many for its versatility with mediums. Whether you want to sketch in pencil or heavy permanent marker, the paper will not bleed through to the other side.

Things to Love
  • The bleedproof paper lives up to its name with even the darkest colors.
  • The hardbound cover and durable thick pages are capable of withstanding the most rugged travel while remaining intact.
Things to Consider
  • This book is pricier at just under $20 but is a worthwhile investment.

For an awesome sketchbook that delivers what it promises, the RENDR is sure to be an excellent addition to your sketchbook collection.

Strathmore 566-8 500 Series Hardbound Mixed Media Art Journal


Strathmore is known for making sketchbooks that don’t bleed through when used with markers or other wet mediums.

This hardcover full-sized notebook features 90-pound acid-free paper that will not bleed through with even the darkest colors.

This book is loved by many for its durability and quality and many first-time purchasers have become lifelong customers after trying out this sketchbook.

Things to Love
  • The thick pages make this book perfect for mixed media projects and holds up to marker use.
Things to Consider
  • Because of the binding on this book, it does not lay flat while you sketch.

At just over $20 and only containing 32 sheets per book, this sketchbook is pricey.

For a durable sketchbook with quality paper, this is everything you may want in a book. However, the price for what you are getting is higher than others, making this quite an investment.

Copic Markers SKBK7X10 Sketch Book – 50 Sheets – Wire Bound


If you are looking for sketchbooks in an irregular size, this Copic Markers sketchbook is 11 x 14-inches with a left-side spiral binding.

The 70-pound paper is resistant to bleeding as it was designed specifically to work with Copic brand markers. Most people love this sketchbook for its larger size and quality paper.

Things to Love
  • The larger shape allows you to fit more on one page, whether you are hoping to sketch a larger landscape or simply fit more marker doodles onto one page.
  • The spiral binding allows the book to lay flat on any page, making it easier to sketch anywhere.
Things to Consider
  • While the company itself does claim that its sketchbooks are bleed resistant, some customers have told stories about certain marker types bleeding through the page.

Set aside a specific page in the back of this book to test your markers before committing to your sketch. If you are looking for cheap good quality sketchbooks, then this Copic Marker sketchbook is right up your alley.

Copic Markers SKBK9X12 Sketch Book – 50 Sheets – Wire Bound


Another irregularly shaped sketchbook is the Copic Markers SKBK9X12. This sketchbook has the 70-pound paper with a landscape spiral bind on the left-hand side. The pages are smooth and so the ink from your markers will not feather or bleed.

Many people are loyal to the Copic brand and some swear to not using any other product for their sketches. This book is loved for its spiral binding and smooth, thick paper.

Things to Love
  • The thick cover on this sketchbook will keep the pages safe from any wear and tear.
  • Spiral binding allows your book to sit flat on any surface to make sketching easier.
Things to Consider
  • If you are using anything other than Copic Markers you may want to have a test page to see if your markers will bleed through.

Another great sketchbook by Copic, you can add this to your collection for just over $20.

Strathmore 400 Series Recycled Art Sketch Pad


Strathmore makes the cut yet again with this 400 series sketch pad. Each spiral bound book is made of recycled paper and opens flat on whatever surface you are working on.

This page has little to zero bad ratings from previous customers with many boasting about the paper quality, size, and texture. Many suggest testing your markers before using them to check how they will react to the paper.

Things to Love
  • The hard, chipboard cover will keep all 70 sheets of paper protected during transportation.
Things to Consider
  • Certain markers may bleed through the paper on this sketchbook so be sure to have a pen-test page in the back of your book.

For just over $15, this sketchbook can be great for beginners looking to expand their marker sketches.

Tips on Choosing the Best Sketchbook for Markers

The decision to choose a sketchbook can be personal and based entirely on preference. There are, however, a number of things you can look into to narrow down what you may be looking for.Best Sketchbook for Markers

  • binding of sketchbooks for markersBinding:

If you prefer your sketchbooks to lie flat while you draw, a spiral-bound book is the best way to go. However, hardbound books can be more durable as there are no rings to bend or warp.

  • hardcover sketchbooks for markersHardcover or paperback:

Most sketchbooks offer tough covers to keep your paper safe. Some books have true hardcovers while others are just sturdy chipboard.

  • budget Sketchbook for MarkersPrice:

If you aren’t sure what your preferences are yet, try a less expensive sketchbook and figure out what you like and don’t like about it before investing in a more expensive book.

  • Paper weightPaper weight:

When writing with markers, paperweight can be key. The thicker the paper, the less likely the marker is to bleed through to the other side. Consider a higher weight paper if you are a firm sketchbooks for drawing

  • number of pages in scetchbookThe number of pages:

Many sketchbooks claim to have quality paper, but if your markers bleed through you can cut the number of pages in half. While it is best to test your markers first, you may also want to invest in a book with more pages in the beginning until you are more certain of your preferences.

  • PerforationPerforation:

If you prefer to make sketches for other people you will want to consider a sketchbook with perforated pages so you can tear them out easily without damaging the binding.

  • size of the best sketchbook for markersSize:

Whether you are planning to have an at-home office or travel around the world will have a big impact on the size of the journal you choose. A larger sketchbook may seem like a better choice, but if you plan to keep it in your bag and sketch whenever you are in the mood, you may want to consider a smaller book.

Making The Decision

If you are in search of the best sketchbook for markers this list is sure to help you find what you are looking for. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting your sketches, this list has something that can work for you. Best bet is to start slow and figure out what you like and don’t like until you are sure, then you can buy the best notebook to fit you exactly.