When simple goal-setting won’t do, a planner that offers space for daily tasks, notable wins, outstanding quotes, personalized gratitude lists, and pen holder serves as a tool for change. The BestSelf Co’s SELF Journal encourages its users to aim high and get clear about their dreams. With felt bookmarks, wall calendar, and rituals card, this undated hardback planner helps men and women become highly organized, better versions of themselves.

The best self journal review aims to help you conclude whether the planner is right for you and your lifestyle needs by identifying its features, listing its pros and cons, and providing feedback from current customers using the planning system daily. By seeing how it stacks up against other planners like it, you’re able to determine its value in your own daily routine.


Like so many hardback planners, its cover is non-descript with minimal detail. It is sold individually and in a four-pack Limited Edition Boxset with yellow, light blue, orange, and charcoal colored planners. Individual planners come in charcoal or navy with no brighter color options available. An elasticized band keeps the planner shut so the pages don’t get bent. BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal - 2019 Planner and Appointment Notebook - Achieve Goals - Increase Productivity and Happiness - Undated Hardcover - (Multi Color 4 Pack)

To better understand what sets the SELF Journal apart from its competition, it’s important to know which features it provides.

The following list is what makes this planner stand-out:

  • A Customized 13-Week Layout.

You can start planning anytime with this format. You don’t need to begin in January the way dated planners require you to.

Starting where you’re at in the month is a possibility, making an undated planner your first choice in tools.

  • A Monthly Overview.

Get an overall picture of the month’s schedule by seeing it unfold across two pages. The space is perfect for recording appointments, birthdays, pay dates, get-togethers with family and friends, and project deadlines.

This format complements the daily and weekly options provided by the planner.

  • Time-Blocking for Each Day.

Plan out each hour with great ease. This option allows you to know how your day will unfold by helping you keep track of important meetings, tasks, and projects. BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal - 2019 Planner and Appointment Notebook - Achieve Goals - Increase Productivity and Happiness - Undated Hardcover - (Multi Color 4 Pack)

You’ll have an hour-by-hour account of how you spent your day.

  • A Special Section Meant for Recording Gratitude.

There is no need to keep a separate gratitude journal. You can record things you’re thankful for in your planner while updating your schedule.

Reflecting on the things that are the most important to you helps motivate you to meet your goals despite difficulties.

  • Habit Tracking Options.

See how well you’re keeping up with your goals by tracking your daily progress.

With a habit tracking option built into the system, it’s possible to stay on course based on your will to succeed. You’ll see how well you’re meeting your goals so you can adjust them accordingly. BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal - 2019 Planner and Appointment Notebook - Achieve Goals - Increase Productivity and Happiness - Undated Hardcover - (Multi Color 4 Pack)

  • Happiness Tracking Options.

Having a concrete reminder of your moods throughout the week allows you to seek more of the good stuff that makes you happy. By identifying what is working in your life, you can rearrange your time and devote your resources to pursuing the happiness inducers.

You’ll have a written account about what took place on your best days of the year.

  • Pages for Reflecting Upon the Present Moment.

Note the things that are working in your life and the improvements you can make to your current schedule. There are pages devoted to the present moment for reflection and motivation. This feature has a journaling component to it.

  • Removable Pages for Jotting Down Notes and Recording Your Best Ideas.

Keep your incredible ideas in one place. Take them out of the planner and review them whenever you need to get clear about what you’re trying to achieve. You can even post the pages with the wall calendar you receive when you buy the planning system for yourself.

Knowing which features are important for your planning practice helps you decide which planner to choose. The SELF Journal has features that are different than other planner systems currently available. It provides a dedicated space for your life to unfold one task, grateful moment, happy thought, and creative idea at a time.

What Customers Are Saying BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal - 2019 Planner and Appointment Notebook - Achieve Goals - Increase Productivity and Happiness - Undated Hardcover - (Multi Color 4 Pack)

Honest feedback from customers who own and use the planner help shape your own opinions about the product and make the purchasing decision easier for you. To assist you with the process, the most relevant customer reviews were identified, read, and shared with you below.

There was a lot said about the planner including that it was great for aggressively going after goals in a short period of time but that four journals would be needed to complete a year of planning and habit tracking.

Customers felt like it was “unnecessarily thick” but convenient for people who use digital planners regularly along with physical planners for goal-setting purposes.

The binding was hailed as one of the SELF Journal’s most notable attributes as well as the three ribbons used to mark places in the book.

Customers have noticed an increase in productivity as a result of using the planning system regularly. They have said that the planner has helped them achieve more personally and professionally.

The SELF Journal fits well in bags and larger purses and is used by men and women of all ages and career backgrounds who have an interest in becoming better organized and more efficient.

Things to Love
  • The SELF Journal is hardback, compact, and undated, three of the most desirable features in a good planner. It has ample space for recording tasks as well as ideas and come with many extras. It combines the best of planner and journal features through its habit and happiness tracking options as well as its blank pages for notes.
  • Thanks to its minimal outer cover and neutral colors, it works well as a unisex planner. Men and women are attracted to its design and format. In fact, it is advertised as a planner that has helped an interior designer and handmade soap maker keep track of their businesses as well as place for one user to conquer her health and fitness goals.
  • Versatility is another attribute of the SELF Journal. It’s not marketed as a personal planner or business planning system because it ultimately could be used for either thing as well as both. Rather than invest in several journals such as one for gratitude and another for habit tracking, you can use the SELF Journal in place of both.
  • Paper quality is another big factor to consider. Using your favorite pen shouldn’t be an issue because the weight of the paper is thicker than some planners. Worrying about your writing bleeding through to other pages inside the journal is something that hasn’t been reported as an issue by customers currently using the planning system.
Things to Consider
  • Among the biggest complaints of using 13-week journals is cost. In order to do a year of planning, you must purchase multiple planners. Another con to using a planner like this is that it may not offer enough space to record the things that matter most to you.
  • For example, you may need to focus more on goal completion and less about gratitude. Although the feature is nice to have, it serves you no purpose so you don’t end up using it. You may also need a thinner planner to work with especially if you travel a lot and have limited space in your laptop or carry-on bag.
  • Undated planners also require additional work to write in months and dates. If you’re pressed for time, it may not be the most ideal set-up for you. You may also prefer a different format such as a daily calendar or weekly calendar but not want a daily/weekly/monthly option.
  • Wasted paper can be an issue especially in a planner this size. You also may want a journal with more pizazz and this one lacks identifying marks, patterns, and the vibrant colors offered by other brands selling similar products. Personalizing plain planners can be done but at a cost because you’ll need to buy stickers, envelopes, sticky notes, and washi tape to give them personality.

Conclusion BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal - 2019 Planner and Appointment Notebook - Achieve Goals - Increase Productivity and Happiness - Undated Hardcover - (Multi Color 4 Pack)

The Best Self Journal review has helped acquaint you with the planner, its layout, features, advantages, and disadvantages so you can decide how well it fits your needs. If you’re looking to tap into your higher self, reach your fullest potential, and have fun doing it, this product is right for you.

With its many features, minimalist design, and self-guided prompts, it urges you to get very clear about your hopes, dreams, and plans for the future. Buying it today can significantly improve your outlook by giving you a clear blueprint for success.

If you want a clearer vision for your future, using a planner like this will help you get specific about your goals, use your time more wisely, and cultivate a sense of gratitude for the things that you have in your life that you consider blessings.

It’s an affordable solution that provides flexibility, portability, and durability to your current planning routine. Purchase the SELF Planner after reading the Best Self Journal review and transform your year one mindful task or event at a time.