This guide will cover the top 10 best planners for nursing students, for not every planner is made equal. The factors that the planners will be critiqued upon are interior design, price, durability, space for note taking and their overall impression.

Nursing students have enormous obligations, so a planner is essential for keeping track of every assignment. The best planner will let nursing professionals make the best use of their time, so let’s begin.

Our Top Recommended Academic Planner for Nursing Students

Daily Planner 2020 by Panda Planner I Organizer Planner for Goals, Gratitude & Focus I Weekly & Monthly Agenda I Undated Day Planner I The Only 2020 Planner Endorsed by Top Psychologists
  • Panda Planner 2020 Agenda
  • 5 x 8.2 x 1 inches
  • Daily, weekly and monthly sections for all types of planning
  • 13.8 ounces
2020 Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner - A 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity, Passion, Purpose & Happiness - Happy Weekly Goal Planner, Organizer & Gratitude Journal + Planner Stickers
  • Freedom Mastery 2020 Goal Planner
  • 10 x 7.6 x 1 inches
  • 365-day design for keeping events in one place
  • 2.2 pounds
Clever Fox Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner to Increase Productivity, Time Management and Hit Your Goals - Organizer, Gratitude Journal - Undated - Start Anytime, A5, Lasts 1 Year, Turquoise(Weekly)
  • Clever Fox Undated Yearly Planner
  • 9.1 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches
  • Non-bleeding pages to note take with colorful pens
  • 1.54 pounds

10 Best Academic Planner for Nursing Students:

1. Panda Planner 2020 Agenda

Daily Planner 2020 by Panda Planner I Organizer Planner for Goals, Gratitude & Focus I Weekly & Monthly Agenda I Undated Day Planner I The Only 2020 Planner Endorsed by Top Psychologists


Panda’s planner focuses on accomplishing a lot in the short term. Featuring a 90-day organizational system, each day has plenty of places to mark down important pieces of information. It will require more of an investment compared to other modules, but busy workflows can be managed with this agenda book.

If nursing students need something to carry them through particularly busy periods of work, then this planner will provide them with the tools to succeed.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly sections for all types of planning
  • Hardcover build to withstand daily use
  • Undated-notebook style for easy organizing throughout the year

What Consumers are Saying

Customers enjoyed that the planner could be used to increase productivity. Productivity and motivation are heavily integrated, so buyers were happy to use this agenda book to work on their motivation concurrently with their daily tasks. Although this planner only covers 90 days, many individuals felt that it their purchase had great value.

Things to Love
  • Great all-in-one planner
  • Many included sections for staying motivated while completing tasks
Things to Consider
  • Slightly more expensive than other planners
  • Only one color


All in all, this is the best planner for nursing school. It has everything for nursing students to stay on top of their busy schedule.

2. Freedom Mastery 2020 Goal Planner

2020 Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner - A 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity, Passion, Purpose & Happiness - Happy Weekly Goal Planner, Organizer & Gratitude Journal + Planner Stickers


This planner is built for organizing all 12 months of the year, but it takes a review-based approach to keep track of a student’s time. It has a section to review a day and month with thought-provoking questions, and these challenge students and make them a more focused person.

If nursing students love to reflect on the past and learn from the ups and downs, then this planner will work well for them.

  • 365-day design for keeping events in one place
  • Lay-flat build to easily write across multiple pages
  • Approximately 300 stickers for keeping tasks organized

What Consumers are Saying

Buyers felt that this agenda book was more than just a way to organize their many deadlines. Many customers came to the conclusion that the tools in this book allowed them to focus on the most important things in their lives. Using this journal at first could be overwhelming, but customers enjoyed that this planner boosted their productivity.

Things to Love
  • Durable design
  • Useful for more than keeping track of assignments and tasks
Things to Consider
  • Most expensive planner on this list
  • May be overwhelming for first-time users


This module is among the best agendas for nursing students. It extends to a whole year, and it is large enough for giving buyers a sufficient amount of area to write down tasks.

3. Clever Fox Undated Yearly Planner

Clever Fox Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner to Increase Productivity, Time Management and Hit Your Goals - Organizer, Gratitude Journal - Undated - Start Anytime, A5, Lasts 1 Year, Turquoise(Weekly)


Clever Fox’s agenda book is for nursing students that need to be able to see what their week will be like ahead of time. If they’re the type of person that loves to jot down important events in one place and split more-detailed information in another section, then this module work will great for their needs.

There are over 50 pages for them to take notes in the back of the planner, so extra details about a workweek can fit here.

  • Built-in pocket for holding documents while traveling
  • Non-bleeding pages to note take with colorful pens
  • Built-in elastic wrap keeps the planner closed

What Consumers are Saying

Customers liked that this planner had a variety of different sections that tracked separate topics. They loved using this journal daily to organize their week, and the exterior cover was reported to look stylish that encouraged frequent use.

Things to Love
  • Many extra pages included
  • Available in 12 colors
Things to Consider
  • Outer shell can degrade over a 12-month period
  • Some nursing students might want more note-taking space


This nursing student planner has unique sections to make it a good purchase for experienced planner users. Additionally, it is well priced.

4. Papercode 2020 Simple Elephant Planner

Simple Elephant Planner 2020 - Daily, Weekly, Monthly Agenda - Undated Productivity Journal - Gratitude, Life & Goal, Success (Blue)



Students that are new to planning will find that that this Papercode module is a great buy to get them started. It has a layout that supports generous areas to organize a week, and all seven days can be seen at a glance.

This book also has pages for writing down reflections and thoughts. Since it is undated, students will be able to start planning at any point of the year.

  • Three included ribbons for keeping track of important dates
  • Compact build for traveling
  • Four available colors to match any style

What Consumers are Saying

Buyers loved the design of this planner. Additionally, the agenda was reported to be simple but powerful in letting users manage all of the obligations in their lives. One customer stated that they struggled with procrastination, but this planner was excellent to give them the tools to overcome it.

Things to Love
  • Competitively priced
  • High-grade paper for use with gel pens
Things to Consider
  • Somewhat small areas for chronicling tasks on Saturday and Sunday
  • Busy students might need a larger journal to get the note-taking space that they need


This nursing planner delivers on being portable and efficient. Many tasks can be organized in one placed to smartly plan study sessions throughout the week.

5. Legend Planner Deluxe Productivity Agenda

Legend Planner - Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Hit Your Goals & Live Happier. Organizer Notebook & Productivity Journal. A5 Hardcover, Undated - Start Any Time + Stickers - Hot Pink Gold



The Legend planner is great for nursing students who need an agenda book that will help them prioritize important events in their life. There are many sections dedicated to writing down dreams, goals and habits, so this module is ideal for new nursing students who may have a lot of thoughts about their new program.

There is not a lot of space to write down tasks day-by-day, but it lets users input the most important events to see a week’s worth of demands in one place.

  • Thick pages for getting premium writing experience
  • Filled with unique page layouts to keep personal motivation high throughout the year
  • Artistic outer design to encourage frequent note taking

What Consumers are Saying

Many customers loved that the planner was simplistic to let users design it in their own way. The undated pages let buyers take time off to save pages on demand, so this planner would be great for nursing students who have their own vision of how they want to keep track of their assignments.

Things to Love
  • Included pen holder and tightening chord provide great utility
  • Many sections are dedicated to maintaining motivation
Things to Consider
  • Some students might want a simple design cover
  • Limited space to take notes in some sections


The perfect nursing school planner will be different for each buyer, but this agenda performs well across the board to make it generally recommendable for all aspiring nurses.

6. Go Girl Planner Organizer

GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women - A5 Size Weekly Planner, Goals Journal & Agenda to Improve Time Management, Productivity & Live Happier. Undated - Start Anytime, Lasts 1 Year - Turquoise


A basic planner can be ideal in some instances. Nursing students might not need a lot of pages to write down goals, but they might need a planner that focuses on letting them organize homework dates and exams.

This agenda book works well for these types of students, for easy-to-read layouts allows for clean note taking. It is hardcover and notebook sized, so taking it anywhere is easy to make it be the perfect study companion.

  • Specially designed for woman with bright colors and unique page layouts
  • Yearly planner to save money in the long term
  • Sections to mark down goals to achieve long-term visions

What Consumers are Saying

A few buyers weren’t satisfied with the template of the journal, which could be due to tracking topics like romance that don’t boost productivity. But many customers felt that the other features of this planner were excellent, for extra grid pages in the back of the planner and an included pen holder were appreciated.

Things to Love
  • An easy-to-read format lets buyers be productive
  • Woman-centered journal
Things to Consider
  • Some sections can be unwanted by buyers
  • A limited calendar view may leave buyers wanting more


This nursing school student planner could be a great pickup for certain demographics of women, for extra sections on motivation can be hard to find anywhere else.

7. Smart Planner Pro 2020 Hardcover Organizer

Planner 2020-2021 - Tested & Proven to Achieve Goals & Increase Productivity, Time Management & Happiness - Daily Weekly Monthly Planner with Gratitude Journal, Hardcover, Undated (Black)


This planner will cost slightly more than entry-level modules, but it is truly an all-in-one agenda. It has the space to write down an entire week’s of tasks in an easy-to-read format, and the planner contains many pages for capturing goals and visions.

The monthly view of this book is excellent, for two whole pages are dedicated for each month. This means that nursing students will be able to fit all of their deadlines in the monthly section to recognize high-demand times of work.

  • Animal-free leather to protect the planner while traveling
  • Habit-tracking sections for in-depth organization of daily activities
  • Dateless calendar sections to organize months in unique ways

What Consumers are Saying

Customers loved almost everything about this planner, for the journal hit the sweet spot between having motivational sections and space for chronicling tasks and obligations. One buyer noticed that this planner starts the week with Monday, however. This difference didn’t detract from the general recommendation of this product.

Things to Love
  • Sleek binding looks professional
  • Premium paper provides a great writing experience
Things to Consider
  • Buyers will pay more for the luxury of this planner
  • Unique design templates might not be compatible with some students


A nursing school student planner should be high quality to let users accurately monitor assignment deadlines, so this agenda is highly recommended to see an entire week’s of work at one glance.

Maybe you are looking for some simple version of notebook , in that we can help you with our list of demographics of women.

8. Maalbok 2020 Appointment Book

2020 Weekly Appointment Book & Planner - 2020 Daily Hourly Planner 8.4" x 10.6", Jan - Dec, 15-Minute Interval, Flexible Soft Cover, Twin-Wire Binding, Lay - Flat, Turquoise


Nursing students who need help organizing their day should check out this appointment book. While the other planners in this list are excellent for note taking over many days and months, this appointment book will let users organize their day in convenient 15-minute sections.

While the book supports organization from January to December, it isn’t optimized for a monthly view. Students will have to find a way to organize their deadlines to see a monthly workflow, but this particular module will let them manage the hour by hour events in their program.

  • Specially-designed for keeping work weeks thoroughly organized
  • Wide build to have the space for writing down detailed notes
  • Wire binding to easily tear out pages if needed

What Consumers are Saying

Some buyers needed a planner that could track 15-minute intervals, and this journal met their expectations. It was compact enough to easily carry throughout the day, and the paper was thick enough to provide a good writing experience.

Things to Love
  • Unique 15-minute design can be useful for any student
  • Full-sized for easily readability
Things to Consider
  • Not a viable planner for monitoring many weeks at a time
  • Some students might want more durability than what wire binding can provide


Academic planners for college students like this one are excellent for micromanaging a workday. Another planner can be paired for forecasting due dates across multiple weeks.

9. Maalbok 2020 Planner

2020 Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner with Tabs, Elastic Closure and Thick Paper, Back Pocket with 21 Notes Pages, 6.25" x 8.3"



This agenda book is designed to organize a week of deadlines to see them all at a glance. There are generous spaces to write down everything due for each day, and a study plan for a week can be easily devised by looking at everything due in the following seven days.

The month view is limited to a single page, so all deadlines might not fit in every box. But students will be able to utilize this planner to quickly recognize all of their deadlines in seven day increments.

  • Giant writing areas for daily tasks
  • Included pages to take undated notes
  • Useful reference pages included to plan on the fly

What Consumers are Saying

Buyers described this planner as practical, for it performed well across the board. Despite have wire binding, the journal didn’t get caught on items when pulled out of bags or backpacks. Even the use of fountain pens didn’t cause issues as its pages were well constructed to prevent bleeding issues.

Things to Love
  • Competitively priced
  • Simple, user-friendly design
Things to Consider
  • Lacks motivational sections
  • Lacks goal-setting sections


This agenda book ranks among the best planners for work and school. Nursing students who just need the basics of a planner will find that this agenda has everything that they need to monitor their time

10. Blue Sky 2020 PlannerBlue Sky 2020 Weekly & Monthly Planner, Flexible Cover, Twin-Wire Binding, 8.5" x 11", Enterprise


Some students might want the convenience of having plenty of space to organize their deadlines week by week with the power to organize on a monthly level. This planner tops this list as the ideal model for this cause, for it comes with big sections to jot down events to quickly plan a weekly and monthly workflow.

However, it is full sized. If having a big planner is not an issue, then this agenda book will work for students that strictly want a planner for writing down a vast quantity of assignments and projects.

  • Sleek-black finish for use in professional settings
  • Available in two sizes for selecting the right fit
  • Classic fonts used to deliver a premium experience while planning

What Consumers are Saying

Some buyers have used Blue Sky planners for years before trying this module, and many customers felt that this product was effective to organize many tasks in one place. There were some shipping issues with modules that displayed incorrect dates, however. But buyers who received the correct journal gave glowing recommendations.

Things to Love
  • Large and small sizes available for different needs
  • Aesthetically-pleasing design to encourage frequent use
Things to Consider
  • Lacking motivational content
  • Not many options for customization


This monthly planner for students has a beautiful design to give users a thrill when writing down their tasks, and it has the space for nursing professionals to organize all of their various projects and assignments.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Planners for Nursing Students

Buying a personalized nursing student planner can be exciting, so here are some tips to get the perfect one.

Need for Extra Content

Some planners come with tons of pages to track goals and other motivational content. If these sections aren’t appealing or are unwanted, then a bare-bones agenda can be bought to save a lot of money. These motivational sections aren’t without value, however.

Many planner users love the extra content to be able to stay motivated and reflect on how close they are in accomplishing their dreams.


A planner will stick with a student for a while, so it is important to get a module that can take the wear and tear. Some modules offer hard-shell designs, so it can be worth the money to spend more and get a product that will last longer.

A planner will also hold critical information that will determine how a student will organize their time, so keeping it in usable condition is important.

90 Day or Year Long

Some agendas come in 90-day variants, so it can get expensive to replace them on a quarterly basis. These agendas are generally packed with more content for the time that they cover, however. It could be a good gift to give as a nurse day planner, or they can be exclusively bought when workflows become heightened.


Smaller notebooks can be excellent to travel with, but they might lack the writing space for them to be primary planning tools. Full-sized planners have the writing area to contain many tasks and obligations, but traveling with a full notebook can actually be difficult for some nursing students.

Selecting one over the other should depend upon how busy a student is throughout the week.

Previous Experience

Lastly, some planners resemble the textbooks that some nursing students use in their courses. Sections dedicated to goals, visions, dreams and habits can render these planners to be enormously powerful tools organize one’s life and operate at a maximum efficiency, but new users might be overwhelmed in the beginning.

Nursing students who have the time to invest in learning how to use a fully-featured planner should decide if it’s a good choice with their current schedule.


The best planners for nursing students will be easy to use, effective in organizing many tasks and be durable to last an entire year of constant use.

The Panda agenda is the most recommended among this list because of how well it performs in these three areas, for nursing students will find that it is a very good resource to stay motivated in the long haul of passing nursing school.

Other planners in this list are good choices as well, for some students can have particular needs that may make other agendas very effective to manage their day.

Consider buying one of these nursing student planners to maximize the 24 hours in a day, for nursing school is notoriously difficult. A great nursing planner can be the tool that a student needs to perform their best.