Best Planner Stickers – Set Up Your Planner With These Amazing Stickers


Best Planner Stickers – Set Up Your Planner With These Amazing Stickers

Being organized, on time and less stressed can all be accomplished with your planner. However, in addition, the best planner stickers are also important. They allow you to plan your day and organize your planner in a personalized way.

Stickers take up less space than writing or doodling. So, when you use journal stickers, you can make note of more goals and plans per page. This maximizes your ability to be productive and not forget any important deadlines or other responsibilities.

Use bullet journal stickers to flag important due dates and tasks. For example, use a sticker with an asterisk to show priority for certain responsibilities. Quickly set up your week by placing planner stickers strategically throughout your planner.

Cute planner stickers also allow you to get creative. Fully customize your journal and make it your own. This makes it easier to stay on task and have a little fun.

Eye-Catching, Bright, Colorful and Functional StickersColorful and Functional Stickers

The first step for effectively using journal stickers is to find a planner that easily accommodates them. Using a great planner, such as the Clever Fox Planner for Happiness and Productivity, makes it easy to learn how planner stickers will best suit your needs and preferences. This planner offers sufficient white space and organization, making it simple to create the sticker usage method that will best enhance your productivity.

Once you have your planner, it is time to explore the sticker options. The options are almost endless, so looking at some of the best and most popular choices helps to make your decision easier. Of course, it can be a good idea to try out several options too.

#1 Erin Condren Sticker BookErin Condren Sticker Book


The Erin Condren Sticker Book is designed for the different planners created by the same company. However, you can use these stickers for other journals and planners. There are three different design options to choose from depending on your aesthetic and color preferences. Each kit comes with a variety of quotes, metallics and inspirational sayings.Erin Condren Sticker Book

The stickers work to organize your planner and to bring it to life. The stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is always at least one that is perfect for where you want to put a sticker.Erin Condren Sticker Book

The classic series features 10 pages which all contain a variety of stickers. The monthly series features 12 pages. Each page is for each month of the year.


#2 TerrificPlanner – Hello, Mr. Fox Autumn Weekly Planner Sticker KitTerrificPlanner – Hello, Mr. Fox Autumn Weekly Planner Sticker Kit

The TerrificPlanner – Hello, Mr. Fox Autumn Weekly Planner Sticker Kit offers a trendy and modern color and design theme. This shop handmakes all of their kits. Materials include glossy paper, matte paper and ink. The matte paper stickers are removable, and you can reposition them.

Each sheet that you can choose from includes:
  • Full boxes
  • Functional
  • Washi
  • Check boxes
  • Littles and headers
  • Date covers and half boxes
TerrificPlanner – Hello, Mr. Fox Autumn Weekly Planner Sticker Kit

Each kit contains all six pieces. The shop also provides matching glitter headers with every kit.


#3 Me & My Big Ideas StickersMe & My Big Ideas Stickers


The Me & My Big Ideas Stickers have a happy and vibrant vibe. This shop created a sticker pack that features 1,829 stickers, giving you a variety to choose from. Use saying and quotes to track important obligations or to stay motivated. Use the item photos for decoration or efficiency. Consider the blank stickers to write on them whatever you want.Me & My Big Ideas Stickers

The stickers come on 30 different sheets. Each sheet measures about 8.87 inches by 4.25 inches. There is gold foil and a wide array of colors. This makes it possible to create a rainbow or monochromatic theme, depending on your preference.


#4 PiperPaperCompany StickersPiperPaperCompany Stickers

PiperPaperCompany Stickers are printed on matte paper. This store hand makes all of their stickers and they make them to order. This set includes functional stickers. You receive 12 large sheets of stickers.

All of the matte stickers are created using special print settings. This helps to ensure that the stickers are high in quality and that the colors are as crisp and vibrant as possible. You can opt for custom orders. This makes it possible to create the stickers that will allow you to engage in optimal organization.PiperPaperCompany Stickers

The sets include a mixture of blank boxes and stickers with specific words and icons. This makes it easy to use these in the most efficient way.

Choose between unpunched and mini binder or punched sets.


#5 PlannerStickerJublio – Monthly Themed StickersPlannerStickerJublio – Monthly Themed Stickers

PlannerStickerJublio – Monthly Themed Stickers allow you to customize your planner on a monthly basis. This store makes all of the sticker set orders as they are ordered. They are all handmade.

You can find sticker sets for every month of the year. Choose between two material choices, including deluxe vinyl and premium matter paper.PlannerStickerJublio – Monthly Themed Stickers

The vinyl is vibrant and buttery soft. You will need a permanent marker to write on the stickers made of this material. With the matte paper, you can use any ink you prefer to write on the stickers. These are removable and opaque.

The stickers range in size, giving you a solid variety of options to choose from.


#6 LittlePixiePaperie Beautiful You Weekly Planner Stickers KitLittlePixiePaperie Beautiful You Weekly Planner Stickers Kit

The LittlePixiePaperie Beautiful You Weekly Planner Stickers Kit offers elegant sticker options. The shop focuses on creating sticker kits for the Happy Planner and Erin Condren planners. However, you can choose to use the stickers in any journal or planner that you prefer. This store makes sticker kits to order and all of them are handmade.

There are different sticker kits that you can choose from depending on your preferences. These include:
  • Full kit
  • Ombre kit
  • Washi kit
  • Half sheet kit
  • Sampler kit

This specific set is feminine and classy. It incorporates a number of works, sayings and images that will appeal to women of all preferences, such as rose gold, makeup and handbags.LittlePixiePaperie Beautiful You Weekly Planner Stickers Kit

You can opt to purchase only the kits that interest you or buy the full kit to get every sticker available in this collection. The sticker paper is not repositionable. They adhere firmly to just about any paper option. Write on them with a variety of inks due to them being a matte paper sticker.


#7 NediDesigns Stickers – Blooming SucculentNediDesigns Stickers – Blooming Succulent

The NediDesigns Stickers – Blooming Succulent are the perfect kit for those who want to add some floral design to their journal or planner.

This shop offers singles or a full kit in the following options:
  • Full kit
  • Half/quarter box
  • Headers
  • Date covers
  • Ombre checklist
  • Functional/icons
  • Washi
  • Glitter headers

The shop makes all of the stickers to order and they are all handmade. There are different materials to choose from, including standard matte, premium matte, removable matte and glossy.NediDesigns Stickers – Blooming Succulent

The shop designed these stickers for the Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner. However, just about any planner you prefer is able to accommodate them. If you want stickers that you can reposition, the removable matte is an ideal choice.


#8 PlannerPress – Christmas Blush Kit

PlannerPress – Christmas Blush Kit

The PlannerPress – Christmas Blush Kit is ideal for creating the time in your planner that corresponds with Christmas and the holiday season. This shop created these for KikkiK, Midori Notebooks, Erin Condren planners and Filofax planners. However, the stickers typically fit into just about any journal that you prefer.PlannerPress – Christmas Blush Kit

All items are made to order and handmade. The materials include planner stickers that are kiss cut for easy peeling, glossy, weatherproof, matte and repositionable. This kit includes a wide variety of colorful stickers, such as date covers, checklists and full boxes.


#9 FasyShop – Girl Boss Sticker Pack

The FasyShop – Girl Boss Sticker Pack is handmade. This shop created these stickers with the Erin Condren Life Planner Vertical Planner in mind. However, they typically kit just about any journal.

There are several options to choose from, including:
  • Bonanza kit
  • Six different a la carte kits
  • Jumbo kit
  • Bonanza kit plus glitter headers
  • Add-on glitter headers pack

These stickers are vibrant, but they also have a whimsical flair. They adhere easily to most planner paper types and they are easy to place. The options allow you to add a decorative flair, as well as remember important tasks.


#10 SimplyBeautifulPlans – FallDreams Full Planner Sticker Kit

  • SimplyBeautifulPlans – FallDreams Full Planner Sticker Kit

Use your love of autumn to stay organized and positive with the SimplyBeautifulPlans – FallDreams Full Planner Sticker Kit. There are two foil kits, including a full and a mini. This store hand makes all of their stickers to ensure optimal quality and durability.

With the full kit, you get:
  • Foiled full boxes
  • Ombre check boxes
  • Side bar and icons
  • Deco sheet
  • Headers and little things
  • Appointment labels and half boxes
  • Date covers
  • Foiled bottom wash
  • Foiled glitter headers
With the mini kit, you get:


  • Foiled full boxes
  • Side bar and icons
  • Classic headers
  • Foiled glitter headers
  • Appointment labels and half boxes
  • Date covers
  • Foiled bottom washi
  • Heart checklist flags and mini deco
SimplyBeautifulPlans – FallDreams Full Planner Sticker Kit

The materials include glossy, foil, gold, sticker paper, rose gold and silver.


#11 RakPaperStickers – Best of RPS Sampler – Purple

RakPaperStickers – Best of RPS Sampler – Purple

The RakPaperStickers – Best of RPS Sampler – Purple are purple stickers that serve multiple purposes. They were specifically designed for the Happy Planner and Erin Condren planners, as the store specializes in creating items for these. However, you can use them with any journal type you prefer.RakPaperStickers – Best of RPS Sampler – Purple

The sizes of the stickers vary, but the sheet measures about seven inches by 4.5 inches. These stickers are ideal when you want a rainbow or a monochromatic theme. Simply peel the sticker and place it anywhere in your favorite planner.


#12 TheStickerAtticShop – Watermelon Planner Sticker Kit

TheStickerAtticShop – Watermelon Planner Sticker Kit

Enjoy the vibrancy of white, green and pink with the TheStickerAtticShop – Watermelon Planner Sticker Kit. This shop offers an array of colorful and practical stickers to motivate you and keep you on track. They offer seven different options to choose from.TheStickerAtticShop – Watermelon Planner Sticker Kit

The stickers are made to order, and they are handmade. They work with an array of planners but were specifically designed for the Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner.

The kits come with stickers of various sizes, allowing you to easily choose where to place them. Use the days of the weeks to easily differentiate your plans, or the inspirational stickers to motivate yourself on especially hectic days.TheStickerAtticShop – Watermelon Planner Sticker Kit


#13 NatiPlanning – Cotton Candy Planner StickersNatiPlanning – Cotton Candy Planner Stickers

The NatiPlanning – Cotton Candy Planner Stickers come in pastel colors with an ethereal feel. This creates a calm environment in your journal, helping to make planning and organizing a stress-free experience.

This shop offers a variety of sheet options, including:
  • Checkboxes
  • Functional
  • Headers and boxes
  • Littles and washi
  • Date covers
  • Glitter headers
  • Washi and deco
  • Full box
NatiPlanning – Cotton Candy Planner Stickers

There are also three finishes to choose from. These include matte and glossy vinyl, and a matte paper. The stickers are removable, so they are easy to move around as plans change. The larger sheets measure about 17 centimeters by 12 centimeters. There are two smaller sheets too, including the date cover and glitter header sheets.


#14 Bloom – Productivity Sticker SheetsBloom – Productivity Sticker Sheets


Bloom – Productivity Sticker Sheets provide more than 1,000 stickers for women wanting to fully customizer their planner. These come on 20 sheets and the stickers are in various sizes, allowing for easy placement and organization.Bloom – Productivity Sticker Sheets

The stickers created by this shop are for motivation and organization. They state that you will find it easier to “live, dream and achieve” by incorporating these stickers into your planner.

With these stickers, you can take advantage of the following:
  • 120 gsm quality, so your stickers remain in excellent condition
  • Glossy finish and strong adhesive
  • Various options, such as those for reminders, days, goals and other specific activities and tasks
  • Stickers that focus on fun activities, traveling, relaxation and errands

Some of the stickers are different motivational words and quotes to keep you in a positive frame of time. The stickers are bright and colorful, making them easy to see.Bloom – Productivity Sticker Sheets

Bloom – Productivity Sticker Sheets make organization a breeze.

There are stickers for just about everything and examples include:
  • Family time
  • Girl’s night
  • Vacation
  • Days off
  • Birthdays
  • Doctor and beauty appointments
  • School exams
  • Work and school deadlines
  • Time for yourself

This saves you a wealth of time and space compared to having to write out all of this information. There are also stickers of items, such as various foods, makeup items, work items and other things that can replace written words for further efficiency when filling out your planner.Bloom – Productivity Sticker Sheets

Each pack has six stickers sheets. These are small and easy to place. The shop offers over 360 different sticker options. You will never get bored with what is available and this shop often creates new options to choose from.


Décor Stickers and Washi Tape

best planner stickers

Courtesy of Saaleha Bamjee

While the primary benefit of the best planner stickers is to enhance your productivity, having some options that offer a decorative touch also enhance your planning and journaling.

Décor stickers are quick and easy to use. With virtually limitless options, it is easy to find stickers that best fit your personality. Another excellent choice is washi tape. What is washi tape used for? This is a type of decorative tape that is not as sticky as traditional tape. It is made from Japanese rice paper, making it easy to place and remove as needed.

So, what do you use washi tape for? Washi tape is durable and can be used for many organization elements, such as creating boundaries, titles or headlines in your planner. You can also use it for simple decorating washi tape ideas.

Now that you know what you can make with washi tape, it is time to see what is available.

#1 WashiWednesday – Fluorescent Japanese Washi TapeWashiWednesday – Fluorescent Japanese Washi Tape

WashiWednesday – Fluorescent Japanese Washi Tape is bright and easy to work with. The store offers new collections with the seasons, so there are always new choices to customize and organize your planner.WashiWednesday – Fluorescent Japanese Washi Tape

The fluorescent collection features seven vibrant colors. They measure 15 millimeters wide by five millimeters long. There is plenty of tape here to add some color and personality to your journal. The size of this tape makes it ideal for borders and even headings and titles. Simply cut the tape to size, adhere it to the page and write on it with a standard ink pen.

Each tape comes in a handy small container to keep it safe in between uses. This is a multitasking tape that makes it easy to organize your planner on your terms.


#2 PaperGameCo – Assorted Colors Washi Tape SetsPaperGameCo – Assorted Colors Washi Tape Sets

PaperGameCo – Assorted Colors Washi Tape Sets allow you to try multiple complementing colors of washi tape in one convenient set. This store is quaint and offers a wealth of unique stationary options. One of their biggest options is washi tape in dozens of patterns and colors.PaperGameCo – Assorted Colors Washi Tape Sets

For this specific set, there are 10 different color combination to choose from. This allows you to create a theme in your planner or journal. Use your favorite color in multiple hues, or mix it up, and use a rainbow of tapes for added vibrancy.PaperGameCo – Assorted Colors Washi Tape Sets

The size of this tape makes it ideal for all journal. Each set includes five rolls. They measure five centimeters long and one centimeter wide.


#3 KawaiiStickersShop – Girl Power Popular Sticker PackKawaiiStickersShop – Girl Power Popular Sticker Pack

The KawaiiStickersShop – Girl Power Popular Sticker Pack boosts your confidence and helps you to feel ready to take on the world. This shop features a wealth of cute and colorful stickers and other stationary products that are ideal for creating a customized journal or planner.KawaiiStickersShop – Girl Power Popular Sticker Pack

Choose from four different sticker pack sizes, including:
  • Five stickers
  • 10 stickers
  • 25 stickers
  • 46 stickers

These stickers are handmade and high in quality. The stickers are made of a vinyl material. This means you can easily peel them off and move them around if necessary. This material is also waterproof.KawaiiStickersShop – Girl Power Popular Sticker Pack

The sizes vary, but on average, these measure four centimeters by four centimeters. They will fit on any page or section in your journal.


#4 TheStickieCommittee – Gold, Holographic, Rose Gold, Silver Quote Boxes and DecalsTheStickieCommittee – Gold, Holographic, Rose Gold, Silver Quote Boxes and Decals

TheStickieCommittee – Gold, Holographic, Rose Gold, Silver Quote Boxes and Decals allow you to add elegance and sophistication to your planner. This shop features trending colors, fonts and materials, ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for.

The metallic colors feature quotes that motivate and inspire you. Use these stickers for especially tough days to help ensure that you stay on track. The paper type is glossy and clear, creating a pleasant environment in your journal.

These stickers peel easily and are simple to place. Put them anywhere in your planner, from the individual pages to the cover, to fully personalize your journal.

These cute planner stickers are just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous unique designs and sets for you to choose from. You are guaranteed to find options that perfectly meet your needs. To check out some more Washi tape, check out this link:


Insights and Takeaways

The best planner stickers allow you to plan your days and week more efficiently. It is much faster to place stickers than it is to handwrite notes and goals. Bullet journal stickers also allow you to take full advantage of the white space in your planner. This reduces indecision and issues with prioritizing.

Easily highlight the tasks that are most important with bright and colorful stickers. This makes the tasks stand out, so that you do not forget about them. This is ideal for priority tasks, appointments and meetings.

Use habit tracker planner stickers to remember healthy habits, such as times to exercise and eat healthy meals. You can also use these to track other healthy habits you are trying to adopt, such as using stress-reduction techniques or for milestones when you are trying to quit smoking.

Organize and categorize your planner with title and header journal stickers. This makes it fast and easy to locate pages you need. Use different colors for specific days or categories. Create a sticker-based key at the front of your journal to make finding the right stickers easy.

Start with a few different sticker types and determine your plan for using them. As you get comfortable, add in more until you have a full planner sticker method for easier planning and journaling.