The 6 Best Pencil Grips: Pencil Grips to Help Handwriting


The 6 Best Pencil Grips: Pencil Grips to Help Handwriting

Writing can be uncomfortable for many people. Put an end to that today. We have gathered a list of the best pencil grippers of 2019. The following pencil grippers are able to meet a variety of needs and to give comfort to children and adults when they are writing.

We have done the work and research for you. Compiling a list of the top 6 that will benefit kids and adults.

Find the best pencil grip for handwriting. Use the following list to get your perfect pencil gripper today!

Check out List of 6 Best Pencil Grip on the Market Today

1. Egg Pencil Gripbest pencil grip for left handed


Protect your fingers from calluses and cramps using the ergonomic egg designed pencil grip. It is an adaptive pencil grip that will aid in drawing or writing. Made to accommodate multiple types of writing utensils.

They will fit pencils, crayons, pens, and some markers. Perfect for children who need extra assistance in holding their pencil correctly. Egg pencil grips are one of the best pencil grips for left-handed people.

  • Colorful design
  • Cushioned grip for extra comfort
  • Durable and can be used over and over
  • Easy to put on and take off

Customers prefer these grips because they are affordable, come in multiple colors, are easy to use, and comfortable. A great gripper for children and adults. Adults suffering from arthritis love the comfort it gives. While children are able to learn how to hold a pencil properly with the egg shape design.

Things to Love
  • Can fit multiple types of writing utensils
  • Comes in several colors
  • Egg shape for the most freedom
Things to Consider
  • May not work for every one
  • Bulky for some people

adaptive pencil grips

If looking for a gripper that will work for left and right-handed people this is a great option. Completely adaptive and affordable.

2. Long, Ambidextrous Pencil & Pen Gripspencil grips to help handwriting


Recommended by occupational therapist’s, this pencil grip is designed to help perfect handwriting. Children will learn how to hold a pencil appropriately and comfortably with the long pencil grip. Developed to fit pens, paintbrushes, markers, and multiple kinds of pencils. This is a pencil grip to make any job easier and more comfortable.

  • Multiple colors
  • Soft, ambidextrous grips
  • Works on different types of utensils
  • Relieves fatigue

Customers and occupational therapists highly recommend this grip. They can improve and help to handwrite. A grip that is so comfortable you do not realize you are using it.

Things to Love
  • Recommended by specialists
  • Fits many types of pencils and pens for writing easy and comfortable
  • Intermediate gripper
Things to Consider
  • Uncomfortable for some people
  • May provide too much support

pencil grips to help handwriting

This is one of the best pencil grips to help handwriting to improve and to be more comfortable when writing.

3. Pencil Grip for Kidsbest pencil grip for preschoolers


Developed to help learn how to hold a pencil in the right posture and to improve handwriting. The included finger grip will aid children in correct pen hold. This is an important skill for future writing.

  • Cute designs on the gripper
  • Soft, easy to clean silicone
  • Teaches and corrects bad hand posture

Customer’s choose this pencil grip for preschoolers because of its design and durability. It is made to last and will not loose shape or breakdown. The many designs and colors keep parents, teachers, and children happy.

Things to Love
  • Designed for younger children
  • Easy design to clean
  • Corrects bad posture
Things to Consider
  • Gives a lot of support during the writing
  • Children may become reliant

best pencil grip for preschoolers

Get the best pencil grip for preschoolers and get them in the practice of correct hand posture during writing.

4. Pinch Grip Ergonomic Pencil Gripperbest pencil grip for hypermobility


Pinch grips can help correct writing when the child or adult is faced with writing difficulties. By adding the pincher grip the body can be retrained to hold a pencil properly or more comfortably.

  • A stepping stone in grips
  • Gently guides hand to correct posture
  • Improves comfort and control
  • Ambidextrous

Customers enjoy the many colors that are available. It is a great intermediate gripper for preparing children to write on their own. The Pinch Gripper is the best pencil grip for hyper mobility. Write comfortably for longer periods of times without discomfort.

Things to Love
  • Offers a lot of freedom in grip
  • Comfortable silicon
  • Teaches self-control
Things to Consider
  • Unnatural grip for some children
  • Can be difficult to hold

best pencil grip for hypermobility

For a gentle writing gripper, get the Pinch Gripper today and see how your writing can improve.

5. Jumbo Pencil Gripperpencil grips for children


The Jumbo Pencil Gripper is an extra-large version of the ergonomic pencil grip. It is a larger grip that is capable of supporting the second knuckle. This will aid children greatly when being taught how to write. Available in many metallic colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

  • Benefits children and adults
  • Ambidextrous
  • 40% larger than other grippers
  • More natural hold

Customers have used this gripper for children to learn how to hold a pencil correctly and to be more comfortable when writing. Adults use this pencil grip regularly when suffering from arthritis and carpal tunnel. An affordable pencil grip that will last and fit the majority of hand sizes

Things to Love
  • Very large
  • More versatility
  • Keep a natural hold
Things to Consider
  • Can become reliant on the gripper
  • May be too big for some hands

pencil grips for children

This is a great pencil grip for children and a great option for adults who need to ease the pain of writing.

6. Collection of Kids Ergonomic Pencil Grippersgood pencil grip


A 20 pc collection of ergonomic pencil grippers. This set comes with 5 different designs so that it is possible to find the perfect gripper for a child or adult. Each type comes with multiple colors to give more options to fit your writing needs.

  • 5 grippers in each of the 5 designs
  • High-quality silicon
  • Ambidextrous
  • Comfortable to use

Customers choose this multi-pack of grippers for the possibilities of customization. Get the perfect writing experience with the different pencil grips. There are different benefits for the different types. Receive maximum or light grip correction.

Things to Love
  • Multiple designs
  • Multiple colors
  • High-quality silicon
  • Easy to clean
Things to Consider
  • May not need so many
  • Could require a different type than what’s provided

good pencil grip

Don’t keep waiting to ease writing discomfort. A multi-pack will have the gripper for every occasion.

different pencil grips

Pencil Grip: Pros & Cons

There are many different kinds of pencil grips and benefits to using different types of grips. Finding the one that will work for an individual can be difficult and may take some trial and error.

Things to Love
  • Very easy to use
  • Teaches and aids in correct pencil posture
  • Inexpensive
  • Different varieties available
  • Beneficial for hands
Things to Consider
  • Can be somewhat distracting for some children or adults
  • May not be comfortable
  • Choking hazard to some children

There are many different options available. It may take several tries to find the correct gripper that helps with comfort in writing and is able to support correct writing posture.

Making The Decision

There are many options when choosing the best pencil grip for kids. You now know about the many different types and are capable of choosing the best gripper for a child or adult.

So quit letting writing hurt. Get a pencil gripper today and find relief in your writing.