10 Best Notebooks for Bullet Journaling


10 Best Notebooks for Bullet Journaling

Organize your life and get a simple escape when reality becomes overwhelming with the best bullet journal. But, what is a bullet journal? With this organizer and personal journal, there are no boundaries, letting you use your creative side to keep track of what is important while also expressing your individuality.

The flexibility of a bullet journal notebook allows you to be as artistic and expressive, or as simple and minimalist as you prefer. Use words, numbers, drawings or symbols to track your schedule and keep an eye on your feelings and emotions.

Now that you know why a bullet journal notebook is a necessity in your life, you need to know where to buy a bullet journal. By exploring the best bullet journal brands, and their individual best journals for bullet journaling, it is easy to find one that is perfect for your lifestyle and preferences.

Bullet Journal Notebooks and Reviews

Here you will learn about the best bullet journals. Get the facts and learn about the important features that will take your bullet journaling to the next level.

1.Leuchtturm1917 Bullet JournalLeuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal


The Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal is at the top of the list in the notebook and journal industry. Ryder Carroll helps them to design their products. He is the person who invented bullet journaling.

This notebook is medium in size measuring 145 by 210 millimeters. It features dotted ruling, numbered pages and a blank table of contents. All of these allow for maximum customization regarding how you set up your journal.Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

The ink-proof paper makes it easy to use any pens that you desire because they will not bleed through. There is a total of 240 pages. For archiving and labelling, there is a sticker. This dotted journal also features a page marker.

Easily carry this logo embossing bullet journal with you and keep it closed with the elastic enclosure band. It opens flat and it is thread-bound. It has a gusseted pocket and an English-language bullet journal guide.


2.Scribbles That Matter Dotted JournalScribbles That Matter Dotted Journal


The Scribbles That Matter Dotted Journal includes premium ivory paper, allowing you to use pens of all colors and ink types. The ink will not smear or bleed on the pages.

Enjoy a consistent experience with the rounded corners. Keep your favorite pen handy in the pen holder. Add additional pens, or important small accessories to the large cover pocket. The elastic band keeps your journal secure while the two colored ribbons ensure important pages are marked.Scribbles That Matter Dotted Journal

Write and get artistic easily thanks to the lay flat binding. This journal offers some structure features with a key code page, pen test page, index page and pre-numbered pages.

The leather cover is sweatproof and waterproof, keeping your journal in optimal condition. Overall this journal can easily become anything you want it to be from a productivity tool, to a style journal to a recipe collection.


3.Moleskine Classic Notebook (Dotted)Moleskine Classic Notebook (Dotted)


The Moleskine Classic Notebook is a type of dotted notebook. Take notes, use this as a journal or keep your productivity in check on the thick ivory paper. This paper allows you to use your favorite pens without the risk of any ink bleeding through. You can even use fountain pens with this paper.Moleskine Classic Notebook (Dotted)

Keep your thoughts private with the elastic closure. This also further protects your notebook along with the leather-like cover. There are different color cover options, allowing you to choose one that best suits your style.

This journal has 192 pages, an expandable inner pocket and the dimensions are five inches by 8.25 inches. This size fits into just about any bag for easy carrying.


4.Minimalist Dotted JournalMinimalist Dotted Journal


The Minimalist Dotted Journal features 192 pages and it measures five inches by 8.3 inches. The weight of the paper is 100 gsm, so you can rest assured that no ink will bleed through, even fountain pen ink is safe.

The leather cover is smooth and offers optimal protection for the inside of this dot grid journal. The strong binding keeps your pages in place, but it allows the notebook to lie flat for easy drawing and writing.Minimalist Dotted Journal

Keep your notebook secure with the elastic closure. Never lose your place by using the bookmark ribbon. Keep your favorite pens and other small accessories handy in the internal accordion pocket.


5.Northbooks Dotted JournalNorthbooks Dotted Journal


The Northbooks Dotted Journal is a versatile option. It has a sturdy and soft cover that protects the inner pages. The cover uses recycled paper, making this an eco-friendlier option.

The paper is high in quality and very thick at 90 gsm. It is also acid-free and smooth. Use any pen to journal and draw on the 144 pages without the ink bleeding through.er gives this notebook a simple, but refin

The Smyth sewn binding keeps all of your pages in place using both sewing and glue. The journal also lies flat for easy use thanks to the binding.

This journal has a minimalist design, making it easy to get as creative as you want to be. This journal measures 7.9 by 5.5 by 0.6 inches.


6.PAIPUR Notebook Dotted and Ruled HybridPAIPUR Notebook Dotted and Ruled Hybrid


The PAIPUR Notebook Dotted and Ruled Hybrid is a large choice, measuring 9.75 by 7.5 inches. It has 0.39 inch spacing, making this a wider option. The classic softcover gives this notebook a simple, but refined look.

The paper is 100 gsm, so you can use any pen without the risk of bleeding. Easily format the pages to your liking on all of the 160 recycled pages. They are acid-free and a soft white color. You can remove any page quickly since they are perforated.PAIPUR Notebook Dotted and Ruled Hybrid

The journal lies flat for easy use. Keep your place with the bookmark and ensure your notebook stays closed with the elastic closure.

The inner pocket expands, giving you sufficient space for small accessories and pens. The binding is thread-bound and durable.


7.Dingbats Wildlife Dot JournalDingbats Wildlife Dot Journal


Dingbats Wildlife Dot Journal measures 6.3 inches by 8.46 inches, making it easily portable and medium in size. The hardcover that has a faux-leather bound and endsheets with animal footprints make this a stylish and functional option.

The journal lies flat, allowing you to use it easily. The pen holder makes it easy to have your favorite pen on hand. You can use any pen you prefer due to the 100 gsm paper that prevents ink bleeding.Dingbats Wildlife Dot Journal

The 192 pages are a cream color, making them able to accommodate any pen color. This multipurpose journal also has an inner pocket to carry accessories and extra pens. This notebook is certified vegan and handmade.


8.Lemome Bullet JournalLemome Bullet Journal


The Lemome Bullet Journal measures five inches by 8.25 inches. The cover is a smooth leather, giving this journal a sophisticated feel. The journal lies flat at 180 degrees for easy writing and doodling.

The back cover includes a pocket to hold small important items and your favorite pens.Lemome Bullet Journal

Keep your journal closed with the elastic band. This notebook has 192 pages that are 120 gsm. This means o ink bleeds through no matter which pen you want to use. The crème color of the paper is easy on the eyes and ideal for pens of all colors.


9.Maggift Dotted JournalMaggift Dotted Journal


The Maggift Dotted Journal is a hardcover type of dot notebook that protects your work on the inner pages. It features 256 pages that are 80 gsm, ensuring you can use any pen. This is an eco-friendly option since the paper is pollution-free and recyclable.

The pages are crème-colored and ruled. There is no fluorescer, so the pages do not have that reflection you often see with pure white paper.Maggift Dotted Journal

The notebook lies flat when it is open, allowing for optimal journaling efficiency. Easily keep it closed with the elastic closure.

Use the internal accordion pocket for pens and other important items. This notebook measures 5.75 by 8.25, making it easy to carry.


10.Ursunshine Bullet Journal -Dot GridUrsunshine Bullet Journal -Dot Grid


The Ursunshine Bullet Journal -Dot Grid is a type of dot grid journal that measures five inches by 8.25 inches. The paper is smooth and acid-free. There are 128 pages of thick 120 gsm paper, so you can use all types of pens and ink without any bleed through.

The luxurious cover is a faux leather, ensuring that your inner pages are protected. The rounded corners offer a simple and professional aesthetic. Its small size makes this journal easy to carry with you on-the-go.Ursunshine Bullet Journal -Dot Grid

Use the elastic closure to keep your journal closed. The ribbon makes it easy to make your place in this journal. It opens flat for easy use. The inner pocket is perfect for small items and your favorite pens.


Most Popular Journal BrandsLeuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

One way to narrow down your choices for the best notebook for bullet journaling is to look at the most popular brands. This includes Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskine. They offer the best bullet journal options with all of the features you need to get started right away.

Moleskine got started in 1997. They specialize in smart apps and notebooks, as well as other paper products and writing tools. Their goal is to create an ecosystem of services and tools that connect the makers of the future with the visionaries of the past.

Leuchtturm1917 goes back to the year 1917 when Paul Koch, a lithographer, created a publishing house cause KaBe. They have been expanding ever since and today they are a global company. One of their items includes bullet journals, but they also have other items to spark creativity and productivity.

Insights and Takeaways

Bullet journaling is an excellent way to alleviate stress and pressure. It allows you to track appointments and important elements on your to-do list. However, how you do this is completely up to you. This journal allows for self-expression and creativity too.

If you are unsure of which to choose, look at their pens, the paper, the overall size of the journal and consider your preferences. You might prefer a Moleskine bullet journal, a dot grid journal or a Bujo notebook.

Ultimately, the best notebook for bullet journaling comes down to your personal preference. You learned about the most popular options and their wealth of attractive features. So, choose which one best fits your needs and start using it, as this is what is most important.