Do you or a family member or even one of your best friends like to do things like draw and sketch? I bet you can list at least one or two people who do. Let me ask you something, what do you do when their birthday or the holidays come around?

Do you just bet them a gift card to a place that they really like, or do you really try to figure out what they would like? Well, if you are the kind of person that like to try to figure out something they would really like then lets be honest, that can be pretty difficult.

You might think they would really like one thing but in reality they have no use for it or they already have it.

That is where the experts here at can help. They have some of the best ideas when it comes to this kind of stuff. Infact, here is a full list of the best mechanical pencils for drawing, sketching, and everyday writing.

10 Best Mechanical Pencils for Drawing:

1. Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil

Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil, (0.5mm), Black Barrel, 1 Each (PG1015A)


This pencil is deemed on of the best mechanical pencils to draw with. It comes in packs of 1. It has a metallic grip that is inlaid with soft pads that are latex- free. This feature helps give the artist comfort when they are drawing.

It has a dual- action retractor that retracts the tip for really easy use. People are saying that it is a superior drafting pencil that is perfect for both every day and technical writing. This pencil is also refillable!

Things to Love
  • The design of the 4mm tip makes it perfect for template and ruler use.
  • The lead hardness indicator lets you identify your lead type with ease.
  • The lead it comes with never has to be sharpened.
Things to Consider
  • Some main parts are indeed plastic
  • The design needs work.
  • Not as durable as some others.

2. Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation

Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil, Silver Body (M510171P.26)


The Kuru Toga Series is by far one of the best. This probably because the entire series is from the Uni- ball Mitsubishi family.

Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil, Silver Body (M510171P.26) It has the same core rotation mechanism that is able to rotate the lead automatically as the person is drawing or writing. This is done by the lead being twisted through the spring- loaded clutch and every time you lift your pencil up, like when writing words, it will spin.

This helps everything look very uniform and it allows the lead to always be sharp.

With that being said, there are times that the lead will be worn down and your lines will be wider than usual. Also the lead can be broken easily depending on the angle of the pencil. With that being said though, the people could not be happier with the product.

Things to Love
  • Is amazing for jobs that make you wright a lot
  • It does not need a specific kind of lead.
  • It has a good grip to help keep the pencil balanced
Things to Consider
  • The tip does not retract
  • Both the body and eraser cap are made of plastic
  • The grip is placed father away from the end of the pencil

3. BIC Xtra- Precision Mechanical Pencil

BIC Xtra-Precision Mechanical Pencil, Metallic Barrel, Fine Point (0.5mm), 24-Count


If you or your friend loves to draw, but you can’t afford a pencil with all the bells and whistles, then this is the pencil for you. You are able to advance the lead with a simple click of the eraser. This helps to ensure that you will always have a fresh, sharp tip to enjoy.

It supports very neat penmanship and is very smooth when writing. The lead also does not smudge and if you make a mistake or need to change something, no worries everything erases cleanly. When it comes to the customers, most of them could not be happier with the product.

Things to Love
  • The entire pencil is designed for accuracy and precision.
  • It has a smooth- writing edge that makes erasing mistakes cleanly easy.
  • The lead advances quickly and easily.
Things to Consider
  • The barrel is made of plastic
  • The end that holds the lead does not retract

4. Zebra 54012 Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil

Zebra 54012 Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil, 0.5mm Point Size, Standard HB Lead, Black Grip, 2-Count


This is by far one of the best mechanical pencils for any artist. It has a 0.5mm lead point size (which is standard). This makes for precise and enjoyable writing. Even though it is stainless steel it is incredibly light weight.

This pencil is also really durable and has a non- slip grip, which will help with both comfort and stability. It is a shorter pencil so it works amazingly well in a shirt pocket. It has a metal clip that will make sure that your pencil will not mysteriously go missing when you need it most.

Even with it being stainless steel it is refillable. Awesome!

Things to Love
  • Has a durable barrel made out of stainless steel
  • Able to be refilled with standard lead.
  • Eraser is refillable
  • Shorter than other pencils so it fits in shirt pockets.
Things to Consider
  • Tip does not retract
  • It is not magnetic.
  • Eraser cap damages easily
  • Has a hard time ejecting the lead.

5. Pentel Twist- Erase III Automatic Pencil

Pentel Twist-Erase III Automatic Pencil with 2 Eraser Refills, 0.7mm, Assorted Barrels, 2 Pack (QE517BP2-K6)


This is a really good pencil for drawing. The protective tip design is what stabilizes the lead which is what reduces the lead braking. It is really comfortable to hold because it has an extra- soft grip that is latex- free. This helps lessen writing fatigue.

This pencil has a longer than life twist- up eraser which makes frequent mistakes a breeze to fix. It is already pre- loaded with its Super Hi- Polymer HB lead that never needs to be sharpened. The lead itself is super strong and it makes a really clear dark line.

Things to Love
  • The company has been in business for more than 70 years.
  • It comes in several different colors.
  • It has a twist eraser.
Things to Consider
  • The top does not stay on very well.
  • Grip is made of cheaper rubber, not foam.
  • There is nothing that clicks.

6. Zebra Pen DelGuard Mechanical Pencil

Zebra Pen DelGuard Mechanical Pencil with Bonus Lead Refill, Fine Point, 0.5mm Point Size, Standard #2 HB Lead, Black Barrel, 1-Pack


This 0.5mm fine point pencil is a perfect mechanical pencil for art. It consist of unbreakable lead in a 12 piece tube. It comes with its own lead refills.

It has a double spring patent- pending mechanism to ensure that the lead is completely secure. This also helps protect it from breaking every single time you click to advance the lead. The patented technology that is put into this pencil completely eliminates lead breakage no matter what your writing style or angle is. It also has a really lightweight barrel and a texture grip to enhance the comfort of the user.

Things to Love
  • Has a barrel that is light weight and sleek.
  • Designed to provide an enjoyable, uninterrupted writing experience.
  • Has a double spring mechanism to help keep the lead from breaking.
Things to Consider
  • Is only available in 1 size.
  • Only comes in 2 or 3 colors.
  • Has limited options for lead and eraser refills.

7. Pentel Sharp Mechanical Pencil

Pentel Sharp Mechanical Pencil, 0.5mm, Black Barrels, 2 Pack (P205BP2-K6)


This is Pentel’s number 1 selling mechanical pencil. Its superior construction makes it so the rigorous demands of both students and professionals are met. It has a 4mm tip that makes it ideal for things like templates and rulers.

It comes already pre- loaded with its own lead and it never needs to be sharpened. Bonus!

Things to Love
  • Number one seller for the company.
  • Is ideal for ruler and template use with the 4mm tip.
  • Meets all the demands of both students and professionals
Things to Consider
  • The pencil does not have an automatic feed, or anything automatic for that matter.
  • It can become jammed a lot.
  • Has rubber grips which can make writing more uncomfortable.

8. Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil

Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil, 0.7 mm, Black Barrel, Refillable, 4-pack


This is another one of the best mechanical pencils for drawing. It creates precise lines that are crystal clear, every time (hints the name Clearpoint). It has a lead advance on the side instead of in the eraser so you can reload your pencil without having to worry about losing your perfect grip.

Speaking of the grip, the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil has special grip designs that give the user ease and comfort. It has a jumbo eraser that is a twist up so it makes erasing, fixing mistakes, and changing things really easy. It is the perfect pencil for drafters, designers, or really any kind of artist.

Things to Love
  • Has a side- click to advance the lead to make for uninterrupted writing.
  • Has a jumbo eraser that is twist- up.
  • Its textured grip gives the user comfort for endless writing
Things to Consider
  • Pencil can be squeaky and you have to call the manufacturer in order to get it fixed.
  • Does not come with replacement lead.
  • While it will extract lead, it will not retract the lead.

9. rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Black Barrel (1904447)


This is considered one of the best mechanical pencils for technical drawing. This is probably because it is a very iconic tool that is meant to be used for a lifetime. It has a “twist and click” mechanism that will retract the entire piece of lead to keep it from breaking when the pencil is not being used.

rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Black Barrel (1904447) It also has a sleeve to help with its durability and even pocket- safety. Its full metal body provides the pencil with the perfect balance of feeling and weight. Its hexagonal barrel promises writing and drawing that is free of fatigue.

This shape also helps prevent the pencil from doing that annoying slip and slide like other pencils do when they are used at certain angles.

The fixed lead guidance sleeve helps prevent breakage and even gives a clear page view so if the user is needing to use another tool at the same time they can and still see what they are doing. It even has a limited 2 year warranty. How great is that?

Things to Love
  • Made for a lifetime of use.
  • The very unique twist and click mechanism retracts both the lead and the sleeve.
  • The design and size make writing or drawing for long periods of time easy.
Things to Consider
  • Only comes in one color and size.
  • Is mostly made of plastic.
  • Not all makes and models have the lead harness.

10. Nicpro Mechanical Pencils Set

Nicpro Mechanical Pencils Set, Metal Automatic Drafting Pencil 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencil Graph With 4 Tubes HB Pencil Leads And 2 Erasers For Writing Draft, Drawing, Sketch -Come With Case


This is a full set of mechanical pencils that are perfect for drawing. They have a metal threaded anti- skidding pen tube that makes it possible for the lead to advance with ease and it is extremely hard to break. The package comes with 2 pencils in 2 different sizes.

Nicpro Mechanical Pencils Set, Metal Automatic Drafting Pencil 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencil Graph With 4 Tubes HB Pencil Leads And 2 Erasers For Writing Draft, Drawing, Sketch -Come With Case The full metal body of the pencils gives the perfect mix of weight and balance to drawing and writing that is fatigue- free.

They also bring high quality effectiveness. Their hexagonal shape makes it possible to keep the pencils from sliding off your table or desk.

These pencils are perfect for anyone who is having to write in their daily life. To make it even better, if you are not happy with the product for whatever reason, Nicpro will happily refund your money or completely replace it, no questions asked.

Things to Love
  • Comes in two different sizes.
  • Can tolerate any amount of pressure.
  • Does not need any form of sharpening.
Things to Consider
  • While the outside is metal, there are a lot of parts on the inside that are made of plastic.
  • They do not come with replacement erasers and you can’t find them in stores.
  • No one knows exactly where the pencils are being made.

Tips on Choosing Mechanical Pencils

When it comes to drawing, I’m going to be completely honest, I have no talent, and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when I do decide that I’m going to “draw”.

best mechanical pencil for artistsBut, with that being said when I do I really like using mechanical pencils. The only tips that I can think that would be worth giving would be to simply go with what you feel is going to benefit you and your talents the best.

If you feel like you need something like the BIC Xtra- Precision Mechanical Pencil then go for it. Or if you think you need something like the full Nicpro Mechanical Pencils Set then do not let anything hold you back from getting it.

Also, even though this article has information on all of the best mechanical pencils for artist and writers, it would not hurt to do your own research. That could actually help you decide exactly what you need.

best mechanical pencil to draw withAs you can see, there are so many different mechanical pencils to choose from. All of these that are listed above are really good options. Also, these pencils are not limited to being used for drawing.

If you or someone you know works in a field that requires a lot of writing then some of these could be a really good option. I mean lets face it, no one likes when they get on a really good writing streak and then out of the blue your hand starts to cramp. That is no fun.

Separately, pay attention to pencils for writing, they are very convenient and fit well in the hand. And if you decide to decorate your work, we have for you a list of the best colored pencils for artists.

best mechanical pencils for drawing


If I had to make a choice on which pencil to choose, I would probably go with either the rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil or the Pentel Sharp Mechanical Pencil. This is because I like the idea of having a pencil that is not the traditional cylinder shape.

Not only do I think it would make life a little easier to not have to chase my pencil to the floor every 5 seconds, but their unique shapes and grips would make writing a lot easier. Also there are some other features like their easy lead advance and their durability that I feel make them stand out from all the others.

Granted, you should understand, just because I said that these are the ones I would go with does not mean that they are the ones that you have to choose. If you think they would work best for you or your artist friends and family then great, go for them.

But if you feel like they need something more like the Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil that is a little more on the simple, traditional side that is perfectly fine. In all honesty, if you are looking to get a pencil like one of these listed for a friend or family member, it might not hurt to actually ask them exactly what they feel like would benefit them most and go form there.