Planning is an important part of getting the most out of a day. To be able to do that you must have the best highlighting pens to organize the day with.

They are also important for school and work situations. When studying it is good to be able to organize material by color, highlighting the important parts to remember. Professionals do not want to try to read important information through streaky, messy color.

No one wants to reach into their purse and find a dry, useless highlighter. Find the highlighter that can survive a busy day or hectic schedule. We have done the work for you and found the best highlighter pens for your needs.

Like the Ohuhu Marker Pens that can highlight, color, underline and draw with a dual chiseled or fine tip end in 40 colors. Take the guesswork out of what works and find the best highlighter pens for your life.

10 Best Highlighter Pens on the Market:

1.The Ohuhu Marker Pens Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Marker, Dual Tips Permanent Art Markers for Kids, Highlighter Pen Sketch Markers for Drawing Sketching Adult Coloring, Alcohol-based Markers, Creat Christmas Gift Idea


This is the best highlighter pens for a reason. This set features 40 dual-tipped pens that come in a sturdy case that shows all the colors and keeps them safe for traveling. All pens are capable of bright, high pigmented colors that can be used with a fine, bold, or broad line.

This is a perfect addition for students, artists, moms, or kids who want to create a masterpiece or organize their day. Built against fading and offering long-lasting use, the markers can layer and mix without smudging due to their alcohol base.

Customers love the pigmented colors and the quality. Some have even stated that these pens have lasted a long time without losing their ink. Very similar to makers that cost much more, you get the high quality without the cost with the Ohuhu Marker Pens. When compared to the artist industries best for just a fraction of the cost, you can’t go wrong.

Things to Love
  • Dual tip
  • Alcohol based
  • Ink blends well
  • High pigmented color
  • Great saturation
  • Multiple uses
Things to Consider
  • No purple hues
  • Marker nibs are hard
  • Can bleed through thin paper

For the price, these are the best out there. Keep them in their sturdy case and use them everywhere. Perfect for coloring, drawing, or craft projects. With the fine tip you can color, underline, or highlight in a planner with ease. Save some money, add color to your life, and get these vibrant markers today. Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Marker, Dual Tips Permanent Art Markers for Kids, Highlighter Pen Sketch Markers for Drawing Sketching Adult Coloring, Alcohol-based Markers, Creat Christmas Gift Idea


2.Sharpie Pocket Highlighters for School Sharpie 1761791 Accent Pocket Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colored, 24-Count


The Sharpie Pocket Highlighter will boast some of the brightest pigment available in a highlighter. The bright highlighter comes in a variety of colors with a pen barrel in the color of the ink.

These are budget-friendly highlighters that will not smear. Highlight on underline easily with the thin barrel and chiseled tip.

The Sharpie Pocket Highlighter comes in vivid pink, yellow, blue, orange, purple, and green. The eye-catching colors make it easier to highlight passages, important documents, or notes.

It is easy to read through bright colors and to organize information. The smear guard ink dries quickly to prevent smudges when highlighting over a pen.

Customers enjoy the bright array of colors and how well they work color-coding paragraphs. The makers do not bleed through paper and will not smear ink across the page. The price is great.

It is one of the best deals available for highlighters from a name that is well known and trusted. A thin barrel is easy to hold and comfortable in the hand. It also makes it easier to transport the markers from place to place.

Things to Love
  • Inexpensive
  • Bright colors
  • Smear guard ink
  • Does not bleed through paper
  • Small and easy to transport
  • Do not leak
Things to Consider
  • Complaints of drying out
  • No carrying cases
Sharpie 1761791 Accent Pocket Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colored, 24-Count


3.Twist and Glide Gel Highlighters for Student Twist and Glide Gel Bible Highlighters


Gel tip highlighters are a newer type of highlighter to hit the market. Instead of a barrel filled with ink, you will twist the barrel to have a solid gel color come up. The end is bolder than the traditional chisel or fine tip of other highlighters.

The color is still transparent to see words easily while bright to find information quickly. If in search of a highlighter that will not bleed, this is the one. The highlighters are also very price competitive in the market and inexpensive for all that they can achieve.

Textbooks, Bibles, and other papers may be of a thinner quality. That is not an issue with a gel highlighter. Gel highlighters leave a smooth, non-smearing, non-bleeding pigment on the paper. When using traditional highlighters, some will bleed on thin paper.

This is especially true for the typical Bible pages or thick health and law textbooks. The gel markers have a twist barrel to move the color up and a cap with a clip. The design is meant for easy travel. The gel highlighter is available in 5 fluorescent colors of pink, yellow, blue, orange, and green.

As the best highlighter pen for studying, it is easy to organize information with the five non-bleeding colors.

Consumers boast that the markers will continue to mark pages with the same bright color as the first day they were used.

The color will not fade on the page and continues to stay bright and easy to read through. Although a learning curve seems to be needed to use the broad tip, it is not impossible and is worth learning since the product works so well.

Things to Love
  • Never bleed or smear
  • Long lasting
  • Fluorescent colors
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for thin paper
  • Pen barrel is nice
  • Easy to transport
  • Come in a plastic carrying pouch
Things to Consider
  • Waxy film on the paper after use
  • Do not have a fine tip
  • Learning curve for using
Twist and Glide Gel Bible Highlighters


4.Zebra Pen Highlighter for School Mildliner Zebra Pen Mildliner, Double Ended Highlighter, Broad and Fine Tips, Assorted Colors, 15 Pack


Zebra Midliner Pen is perfect for studying, organizing a planner, creating a bullet journal, and is safe for Bible highlighting. The ink is lightweight and perfect for layering of colors. Ink is not only water-resistant, it will not bleed through paper.

Colors show up softly so that proper highlighting or coloring is achieved. Inks come in 16 unique colors. A white barrel with ink colored lids keeps the pen minimalistic and a convenient clip is attached.

The water-resistant ink will not bleed through important documents. Color is applied softly so that the pen is Bible safe for highlighting and underlining Bible passages.

The 16 available colors make organizing a breeze to accomplish and the pastel colors appear neater and keep pages from being too overwhelmed with color.

Current customers enjoy Zebra Midliner because of the soft, water-resistant colors. It is easier to achieve different effects on the diversity of pens.

Featuring a dual tip, one being blunt and the other fine, is an added bonus to being able to control how they are applied and the results during use. Perfect for the student, journaling fan, or Bible study group. These markers will not let down.

Things to Love
  • Water resistant
  • Will not bleed through
  • Long lasting
  • Dual tips
  • 16 soft colors
  • Many uses
  • Cost effective
Things to Consider
  • Tips wear out quickly
  • Some colors not as mild
  • Some colors too mild
Zebra Pen Mildliner, Double Ended Highlighter, Broad and Fine Tips, Assorted Colors, 15 Pack


5. Sharpie Chisel Tipped Highlighter for School Sharpie Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Fluorescent Yellow, 12-Count


As far as a highlighter goes this would be the one that falls under “Old Reliable”. Yellow ink is vibrant and smear-proof. It will glide on easy and consistent.

You will never have to worry about running out of ink. Not only do these last a reasonable amount of time, but they contain a visible ink supply that shows when ink is running low.

Though this highlighter does not contain a carrying case, the barrel is designed to be able to connect your marker to a clip or key chain. Never be without a marker with this design. It is also possible to use the attached clip to attach to notebooks or binders.

The barrel is thin and easy to manage. Ink is more vibrant in this brand than others, it will almost glow on the page.

Consumers prefer these highlighters due to vibrant ink. The ink is of good quality and stays on the page. It does not dry out nearly as fast as other similar highlighters. Once the ink dries on the page it continues to have the vibrant color that is easy to read through.

There is a learning curve to using them because they will tend to bleed if highlighting slowly. It is also possible to break them should too much pressure be placed on the tip.

Things to Love
  • Vibrant fluorescent ink
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to carry attached to a clip or book
  • Glide smoothly on paper
  • Clear barrel to manage ink
Things to Consider
  • Can break when tossed in backpacks
  • Tend to use ink quickly
  • Bleed if leave on page too long
Sharpie Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Fluorescent Yellow, 12-Count


6. Stablio BOSS Pastel Highlighter for College Stabilo BOSS Original Highlighter, Pastels - 6-color Set


Quality highlighters that will last a long time. The ink is designed to not dry out should the cap be left off for up to four hours. An anti-dry-out technology is built right into the formula. As the best pastel highlighter is designed to work.

A soft finish to the color when highlighting gives a professional and stylish look to work. It comes in six colors to be able to organize notes or work accordingly. Water-based ink is safer for health than other inks available. It has been used by students and professionals for 45 years.

Colors available are peach, mint, pink, lilac, yellow and turquoise. The barrel is the color of the ink, wide and flat with a chisel tip.

Designed to not roll away with its geometric shape. Two different line-widths can be drawn with the chisel tip. Gives a smooth, bleed-free highlighting experience.

Customers love this highlighter not only for its quality ink, but for the design. For a truly pastel color experience that will leave documents and notes with a subtle highlighting experience this is the highlighter to use. Beautiful colors that will not roll away when in use.

Things to Love
  • Truly pastel colors
  • Smooth color application
  • No-dry-out ink formula
  • Flat so does not roll.
  • Inexpensive
Things to Consider
  • No clips or sturdy carrying pouch
  • Can be broken easily
Stabilo BOSS Original Highlighter, Pastels - 6-color Set


7. Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighter for Schooling Sharpie 28101 Accent Retractable Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 8-Count


With an easy glide, chisel tip it is easy to get information highlighted and underlined. The retractable tip keeps life simple by giving one-handed access to the highlighter when it comes time to use it.

No longer is it necessary to stop everything, pull off a cap, and re-find the information that needs to be highlighted. The no smear formula keeps notes neat and hands clean.

Sharpie Accent Retractable highlighters come in 8 shades: red, fluorescent pink, orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, blue, indigo, and berry. All shades dry quickly and do not smear. Highlighting can easily be done on the majority of the paper, including handouts or hand-written notes.

A convenient clip makes it simple to travel with the markers by clipping them on paper or a pocket.

Customers who have bought this highlighter do not recommend using them on very thin paper, like Bibles. The bleeding is minimal if used correctly on typical printer paper. Highlighters are great for class and keeping notes organized.

Things to Love
  • Smear proof
  • No cap to keep up with
  • 8 bold colors
  • Does not bleed through most paper
Things to Consider
  • Does not work well on pencil
  • Color is very bold and not transparent
Sharpie 28101 Accent Retractable Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 8-Count


8. Bic Brite Liner School Highlighter BIC Brite Liner Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Yellow, 12-Count


A bright fluorescent yellow highlighter that can survive without a cap for 8 hours and continue to work. Compared to similar this is the longest lasting. With a thin barrel and clip on the lid, this highlighter is easy to use and keep up with.

The chisel tip allows for the broad or fine underling. The ink does not bleed through most types of papers and will not warp the paper. Ink will last for a long time and the cost is very economical compared to other markers.

The bright fluorescent color is bold and safe for most papers. It contains a firm chisel tip that makes it easy to create thick or thin lines.

The ability to resist drying out makes it easier to do long study sessions without having to worry about your highlighter dying. Keep notes, work, or studying organized with a pen-shaped highlighter.

Consumers have spoken that the ink is very bright and somewhat distracting on paper. Some ink pens do tend to cause the highlighter to smear but this is minor and not with all ink pens.

The ink remains on the paper in vibrant colors for years and will not fade much over time. This is especially nice for students or professionals that may need to recall notes later down the line.

Things to Love
  • Bright fluorescent color
  • Long lasting
  • Will not dry out
  • Do not bleed
Things to Consider
  • Not many colors
  • Do smear with some ink pens
BIC Brite Liner Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Yellow, 12-Count


9. SyPen Highlighter for School Marker Combo Highlighter Marker With Pen and Stylus Combo with Chisel Tips, Comes in an array of bright colors, Pack of 5


A pen that has it all. With a simple twist, one end contains a stylus and an ink pen. Flip it over and it allows the ability to highlight.

The chisel tip gives further purposes because it is able to have fine lines or broad lines. Available in 5 colors this is a must-have for the student or professional on the go.

The highlighter is available in orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. With so many colors it is easy to keep life organized.

The colors are bold and will last. Ink will not bleed through paper and the pen portion is standard black ink that works well on all paper. For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Customers speak highly of the ability to use on their tablet, notebook paper, and to be able to highlight all at once. For anyone who does not like to carry around a lot of pens, this is the one to get.

It covers all the basics needed to attend class or to attend a meeting in one handy pen. Highlighter Marker With Pen and Stylus Combo with Chisel Tips, Comes in an array of bright colors, Pack of 5

Things to Love
  • 3-in-1 pen, stylus, highlighter
  • Bold, long lasting colors
  • Inexpensive
  • Does not bleed
Things to Consider
  • Pen will sometimes not fully retract and mess up the stylus
  • Only has black ink


10. YangQian Multi-Color Highlighter for Student Multi-Color Highlighter Pen Marker Paint Pens set Marker Coloring Pens Highlighters Christmas Gifts Pack of 8


An inexpensive highlighter that comes in a variety of colors. Non-toxic ink makes the pens safe for children or adults. Usable on many different surfaces make this a versatile choice to have in the office or classroom.

Safe for highlighting in a Bible, it can also be used for studying or even drawing. A water-based pigment that is washable.

Available in orange, green, blue, purple, fluorescent yellow, blue, pink, and light pink.

Quick-drying ink makes it easier to complete work quickly. The ink can mark on leather, plastic, paper, glass, and most non-porous surfaces. Covers well and can be used in coloring books also.

Customers have used these highlighters successfully on glossy paper. There have not been any issues with bleeding or drying out.

Smooth ink that does not streak. Barrels do not match the inside color well but is similar to the ink. Comfortable pen to use with the permanent marker size barrel.

Things to Love
  • Inexpensive
  • Able to be used on many surfaces
  • Non-toxic
  • Washable
  • Long lasting color
Things to Consider
  • Only have 5 colors
  • Barrels do not match the ink inside well
Multi-Color Highlighter Pen Marker Paint Pens set Marker Coloring Pens Highlighters Christmas Gifts Pack of 8


Choosing the Best Highlighter Pens

Choosing the best highlighter is important for anyone who is needing to organize their life. With so many options available on the market it can be confusing and difficult to find the one that fits personal needs. There are several features to concentrate on when choosing the best highlighter to your needs.

Smear Proof

best highlighter pens for your needs
When using a highlighter, it is preferable for the color to remain on the paper without distorting the writing it is highlighting. Having a smear-proof marker will keep the ink where it belongs and from destroying notes or passages that are being marked.

Smooth highlighting is also part of being smear-proof. If the ink is streaky and inconsistent it will not emphasize as well. It will become more of a distraction than being helpful.


It is never fun when ink bleeds through the paper. Not only is it possible that it will put holes in the paper, but it can make it hard to read anything that is printed or written on the other side. Many of the markers have vibrant colors but tend to bleed on thinner paper.

So you need to have a planner or notebook that is highlighter friendly. Check out those best non-bleed planners. Remember you can pick any planner from student planners or our planners for teachers to best pocket notebooks, you always should consider the paperweight (GSM) of paper.

Ink Colors

best highlighter pen for studying
For some a single yellow highlighter is all that is needed. Others like to have every shade of a rainbow. This is probably the first feature people use to decide what highlighter to buy. Students, those who journal, and people use planners generally prefer multiple colors.

It aids in organizing information in a concise fashion. For people who need to highlight their Bible softer colors are needed to prevent the thin pages from absorbing too much ink.

When it comes to color some people are unable to handle the extreme fluorescent colors that many highlighters boast. Pastel colors are easier on the eyes while still emphasizing important facts.

Shape and Size

best pastel highlighterThe shape and size of the barrel and the nib are important for those who are highlighting. For some, a bulky highlighter can make it difficult or uncomfortable to use. A flat design that keeps markers from rolling can be useful for those who use angled writing surfaces.

As for the nib, this decides what kind of line is drawn. A fine-tipped nib is good for small print and underlining. While a bold tip will highlight large passages much easier. A chisel tip allows the user to have the best of both worlds.

With a chisel, it is easy to underline with the tip or turn it at an angle to highlight.

Media Type

Some highlighters contain liquid ink while others have a gel color stick that is similar to a crayon. For some, it will not matter which is preferred. For those that are trying to highlight thin pages, such as a Bible, gel or dry highlighters work best.

This is also true when trying to highlight information that is on glossier paper. Liquid inks will work well on the majority of papers, but when deciding it may be necessary to have more than one type.

brightest highlighter penAre bright vibrant colors important or does a subtle pastel color work better? It may depend on what the highlighter will be used on. If a textbook or paper is thinner, a highlighter that is prone to bleeding will not be the best.

If trying to organize a planner or bullet journal, bolder multi-ended highlighters would be more beneficial.

When working on assignments for school or even in Bible study a multi-functional highlighter will provide the most usefulness.


Less is more when having to tote around a lot of materials for school or studying. If it is possible to carry one pack of pens that will draw, write, highlight, and underline it is not necessary to spend more money or carry extra supplies. Find the best highlighter for your needs and quit struggling with mediocre ones that add unnecessary frustration.