For creative individuals, a standard planner won’t do. They need something that they can customize and make their own. This means that they are more likely to actually use the planner, and that translates to increased productivity and greater happiness. In our search for the best customizable planners, we reviewed dozens of possibilities.

Each planner was evaluated for the quality and clarity of its layouts in addition to its inclusion of plenty of blank pages where creative people can let their imaginations run free.

Even the pre-printed layouts allow for fun and customization. You can use these planners any way that you wish. They are extremely flexible, and they are designed to delight people who won’t be satisfied with a standard weekly or monthly planner.

4 Best Customizable Planners on the Market:

1. Tools4Wisdom Customizable Planner

Tools4Wisdom 2020 Planner November 2019-2020 - 8.5 x 11 Hardcover - Daily Weekly Monthly Planner - Dated Oct Nov December 2019 Plus 2020 Calendar Year


The Tools4Wisdom Customizable 2019-2020 Disc Planner allows you to customize your own planner. The combination of features and binding makes it simple to rearrange the elements so that you have everything in the right place.

This planner has multiple sections that allow you to prioritize your goals and tasks. Use the notes section to write freely while you keep your most important tasks listed on the daily urgent priority checklist.

The monthly tabs make it simple to track information monthly. Use your own pages or those that come with the planner. The bookmark and pocket allow you to keep your place and carry your favorite accessories. Use any pens that you prefer due to the heavy-duty paper.

  • Disc binding
  • Compatible with class hole punch with 11 holes
  • Hardcover
  • Refillable pages
  • Measures 11 by 9 inches


This is a diverse planner that allows you to work on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. The motivation features and goals sections make it simple to track how well you are keeping up with your goals.

2. Cambridge 2020 Monthly and Weekly Customizable Planner

2020 Planner, Cambridge Weekly & Monthly Planner, 8-1/2" x 11", Large, Hannah (1161-905)


The Cambridge 2020 Monthly and Weekly Planner is the best customizable planner for people who have long and short-term goals. It uses Julian dates and spans that entire year.

This planner features a bright, floral cover that makes it easy to see. The poly cover protects your planner to keep it in good condition.

For every two-page spread, you have room to make plans for an entire week. The planning space is ruled so that everything remains neat. Next, to each day are open blocks where you can input important notes.

There is also a monthly view with this planner. This allows you to take note of your long-term goals. Go back and look at previous months to see if you met all of your planned goals.

  • Poly cover
  • Ring binding
  • Measures 9 by 11 inches


This planner is small and easy to carry around, the different pages and blocks allow you to easily take note of your goals and tasks.


3. JSTORY Simple Academic Monthly Customizable Planner

JSTORY Large Monthly Planner Set of 2 Stitch Bound Flat Lay Year Round Flexible Cover Goal/Time Organizer Thick Paper Eco Friendly Customizable A4 16 Months 36 Pages 18 Sheets Kraft



The JSTORY Simple Academic Monthly Planner is a customizable college student planner. It comes in several colors and you can choose the style that best meets your needs.

This planner uses strong paper that you can use all of your favorite pens without the risk of bleeding. The daily formatting of the pages makes it easy to customize how you plan your week.

This planner has a minimalist style, but it has all of the features you need to track your school activities and other important events and tasks.

Not only can you make plans, but you can also track your goals and tasks. This makes it easy to ensure that you are getting everything done on time. Review your progress to see if changes are necessary to stay on track.

  • Stitch binding
  • Soft cover
  • Measures 8 inches by 11 inches


This planner is ideal for students who want to track their academic tasks and the rest of their day. You can do everything from tracking meals and exercise to making note of important test and assignments dates.

4. Tools4Wisdom 2019-2020 Customizable Planner with Calendar

Tools4Wisdom Planner 2019-2020 Academic Year - 8.5 x 11 Hardcover - Green Forest Cover


The Tools4Wisdom is a cute customizable planner that uses disc binding. This makes it easy to move the pages around to fit your needs. The variety of pages and features ensure that you can plan daily or in advance.

You can add blank note sheets or printed planning pages to this planner. There are 13 solid monthly tabs to make it easy to mark your space. The heavy-duty paper allows you to use any pens that you prefer without the risk of bleeding.

There are reusable stickers that you can use to show important events or tasks for the day. The back pocket will fit your favorite accessories. There is also a bookmark so that you can make an important day or simply stay on the current day.

  • Disc binding
  • Refillable pages
  • Measures 8.5 by 11 inches
  • Hardcover


This planner is stylish and flexible. It is easy to customize it so that it works for your needs and preferences. You can add your own pages or use the ones that are included.

Tips for Choosing a Great Customizable Planner

There are several planner options to choose from. The following are popular options:

  • Ring-bound: This type looks like the three-ring binders that you used in school. You can open the rings to remove or add elements to your planner.
  • Spiral: This is the most common planner type. While you cannot add and subtract elements, this type of planner tends to be sturdy. The binding looks like a spiral notebook.
  • Discbound: This planner is flexible and uses discs for the binding. There are multiple inserts that you can add, such as calendars, pockets and note pages.
  • Bound: This type is similar to a hardcover book. They tend to be the slimmest and most portable option.

top customize plannerConsider the size of the planner. You probably want to carry it with you, so it should fit into your bag easily.

All planners will list their measurements, allowing you to choose the best size.

Look at the layout of the planner. Some planners are simpler while others have a variety of complex features.

Consider the layout features that you want to use to boost your productivity to narrow down your choices. For example, some people prefer daily layouts while others prefer weekly layouts.

Think about the accessories you need to fill out your planner. For example, if you want a variety of pens, look for a planner that has an interior pocket so that you can fit them all. Some planners will include its own accessories making it easy to start using the planner as soon as you get it.

Did not find what you were looking for? Or do you need a refillable planner with a harder cover? We help you, check out best refillable planners.

Making the Decision

Tackling your day without getting overwhelmed is an excellent feeling. This is possible when you use a customizable planner. These planners help you to make note of everything that you need to accomplish. You can break the big tasks down into smaller chunks so that they are easier to handle.

Use your favorite planner and journal accessories with these planners. This allows you to use color-coding, stickers, and other tools to make organization easier. Highlight the most important tasks so that you can plan your day around them.

With this type of planner, you are in charge of your day. However, to make sure that you make the best choice, it is important to do some research. All of the information here will make it easier for you to make the best choice for your next customizable planner. Once you start using it, you will be in control of your life.