Best Alcohol Based Markers for Beginners and Professionals


Best Alcohol Based Markers for Beginners and Professionals

Finding the best alcohol markers available can be a daunting task, there are so many options. Some of those options can be very expensive. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money and time trying markers that may or may not work.

Well you don’t have to worry. We have put them to the test and searched out the top 12 on the market.

Continue reading to learn which markers are the best for your individual needs. Find the markers that will be able to not only fit your budget but give you the desired results of your art.

Our List of 12 Best Alcohol Based Markers on the Market Today:


  • Variety of colors, including skin tones
  • Blending pen
  • Dual tips
  • Inexpensive
  • Includes a carrying case


Caliart 100 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers Permanent Markers Twin Sketch Markers Pens Highlighters with Case for Adult Coloring Drawing Sketching Card Making IllustrationThe Caliart Dual Tip Markers come in 100 colors and includes a colorless blender marker. This set includes several flesh or skin tone markers. The alcohol-based markers are permanent and perfect for use on paper or ceramics.

Ink is smooth and dries quick, the formula is built to last again fading.

Made to last, the markers are able to draw a minimum of 1,000 feet. As with the majority of markers, they will bleed through regular paper that is not made for markers.

Consumers enjoy these pens because they are a fraction of the cost of name brand alcohol-based markers. Perfect for beginners, students, and hobbyists. These are the best alcohol-based markers for beginners.

Things to Love
  • Long lasting
  • Wide color range
  • Color coded caps
Things to Consider
  • Complaints of the fine tip drying out
  • Colors do not hold true for long periods of time

If you are someone who is just getting into the hobby of drawing these are an awesome inexpensive set to start with.



  • 48-piece set
  • Dual-tipped with a brush tip
  • Color caps for easy identification
  • No roll barrel design


refillable alcohol based markersStudio 71 markers are great for students, beginners, and professionals. The colors are vibrant and blend well with other alcohol-based markers. Markers are able to be refilled and will extend the life of the markers.

It does include several skin tones that work well with most artwork.

These are some of the best alcohol-based brush markers on the market.

Consumers tend to love these markers because they are inexpensive, and the colors are vibrant. The colors that come with the set are the proper variations without having near duplicates of colors.

One complaint among consumers is the brush tip wearing out quickly.

It is possible to replace the brush nib. Some learning curve exists, but that can happen with variations across brands.

Things to Love
  • Refillable
  • Sturdy nibs
  • Nibs can be changed
Things to Consider
  • No blending marker
  • Brush tips wear out quickly

Darice Studio 71, Dual Tip, 48 Pieces Alcohol-Based Marker Set, Multicolor

If you are in search of a brush marker that is able to get the job done well, then this is the perfect set of markers for you.


  • 50 fade resistant markers
  • 300 meters of continuous use
  • Triangular shaped barrel
  • Dual-tip, bullet and chisel


Shuttle Art 51 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers, 50 Colors Plus 1 Blender Permanent Marker Pens Highlighters with Case Perfect for Illustration Adult Coloring Sketching and Card MakingShuttle Art 51 has a budget friendly alcohol-based marker that is a great option for those who love to color.

Though the majority of consumers did not prefer these for cards making, it is possible to learn to use them and get beautiful products.

Kids and adults are able to use with marker coloring pages and get good results every time.

Consumers love the price of this set of markers. They are the best budget friendly alcohol-based markers available.

They come equipped with a carrying bag and color labeled caps. The colors may be a little streaky and blending can be difficult, but for the price these cannot be beat.

Things to Love
  • Easy to blend ink
  • Color coded caps
  • Zipper bag
  • Inexpensive
Things to Consider
  • Does not include blender marker
  • Not many basic colors
  • Can be streaky

For anyone that is in search of a budget friendly marker then these are the best markers for you.


  • 80 colors
  • Fast drying
  • Highly pigmented
  • Zippered carrying case for storage and travel


80 Colors Alcohol Markers, Ohuhu Dual Tips Permanent Art Markers for Kids, Highlighter Pen Sketch Markers for Drawing Sketching Adult Coloring, Alcohol-based Marker, Back to School Art SuppliesOhuhu Art Markers are some of the best alcohol markers for coloring. The dual tip is able to give you a lot of options for your artwork.

Markers come in a high-quality carrying case the zips and include easy to read color caps.

Colors are highly pigmented and are able to draw 984 feet. Ink is fast drying and will layer or mix without smudging. The perfect markers for coloring books!

There are some inconsistencies in the sizes of some of the nibs. This can be bothersome when coloring small areas, but for the price this is not a huge issue. They blend beautifully and will give great results.

The carrying case is very sturdy and makes carrying your markers easy and keeps them well organized.

Things to Love
  • Blend very well
  • Great price for quality
  • Smooth, vibrant ink
Things to Consider
  • Inconsistencies with the nib sizes
  • Some colors are not accurate
  • Could use more color variations

For those who enjoy the hobby of coloring, these are one of the best alcohol-based markers for coloring.


  • Dual-tips, chisel and fine tipped
  • Rich saturation and blend ability
  • Single source of ink for consistency
  • 48 vivid markers
  • Fade resistant


high quality alcohol markersThe Prismacolor Art Markers are a tried and true in the art community. The markers will hold up over time and will give long lasting color. Colors are vibrant and have great variations between the different colors.

Names of colors are on the barrel with a matching color strip to the ink inside. This makes it easier to find the color you are needing.

Depending on the size set you are needing, it is possible to buy this marker individually to add to your set.

There were some consumers that reviewed the markers may need alcohol added to the markers due to dryness. This will get more life out of your markers and refresh any that may come dry.

Otherwise this is one of the highest rated sets and are fairly inexpensive. Though they do not have a brush tip they are able to give you beautiful works of art. Perfect for coloring as a hobby, professional artists, or even students.

Things to Love
  • Artist quality
  • Great color variations
  • Do not streak and blend well
  • Can supplement the set
Things to Consider
  • Some markers dry up quicker
  • May need to add some other colors if you do a lot of different art

Prismacolor 3611 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, Fine and Chisel Tip, 48-Count

For the price point these are some of the highest quality of markers and have some of the best alcohol marker reviews. They will not disappoint.

6. Bianyo Classic Art Alcohol-Based Markers best alcohol based markers


Bianyo Classic Art Markers are one of the most affordable and the best alcohol-based markers on the market. They come in a black zippered bag that has a handle for easy travel. The markers do not streak and have heavy saturation of color.

It does come with a blender marker that makes it easier to get the desired effect in your artwork. The perfect marker for students, hobbyists, or professionals.

  • Waterproof ink that will not smudge
  • Dual-tips with a square barrel
  • Color coded ends with names
  • Zippered carrying case with a handle

Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol-Based Dual Tip Art Markers(Set of 72,Travel Case)

Consumers buy these for the amazing colors and quality. The fact that they are affordable is another bonus. If you choose to use these for coloring books, then be aware that they will bleed due to the alcohol base. This is normal, but single sided coloring pages are best.

Although they do not have brush tips they are able to be used and blended to get the effects that you are wanting.

Things to Love
  • Will work on many mediums
  • 72 different colors
  • Easy to blend
  • Affordable
Things to Consider

A very affordable alcohol-based marker that is one of the best on the market. Grab some quality marker paper to see just how beautiful the colors can be.



  • Double ended with fiber-tips, 3mm and 0.5mm nibs
  • Advance dye is washable
  • 36 vibrant colors for sketching, drawing, illustrations, or coloring
  • Pressure resistant tips


The Staedtler markers are great for coloring books of bullet journals. For kids or adults, the markers are able to do a variety of jobs. The tips are able to color with the broad end or reach into corners of detail work with the fine tip.

Nothing is too big or little for the dual tips. Color is incredible and the range aids in your ability to color or illustrate. Markers come packaged in a box or clear pouch, both allowing for easy identification of colors. Markers are color coded with appropriate cap on each end of the marker.

STAEDTLER double ended fiber-tip markers, for sketching, drawing, illustrations, and coloring, 72 vibrant colors, washable, 320TB72 LU

Consumers enjoy the inexpensive price of the markers and the vibrant colors. Though there are some complaints of markers being able to tear away the paper, be aware of how much pigment you are putting down will help to not have this happen. Let ink dry before trying to deepen the color, it will keep your paper intact.

Also, as with most markers, do not use regular paper. Thin paper is not designed to handle marker ink.

Maybe you need a good sketchbook? Check out our list of best Sketchbooks for Markers.

Things to Love
  • Colors do not bleed on quality paper
  • Great color range
  • The fine tip is great for detail work
Things to Consider
  • Hard on paper
  • Markers dry out quickly

If you are looking for the best cheap alcohol-based marker then these will fit the bill. They are able to color or journal for an inexpensive price point.

8. Master Alcohol-Based Markers alcohol based drawing pens


The MasterMarkers are a professional quality, dual-tipped, alcohol-based drawing pen. The set comes in 80 colors and includes a chisel tip and a brush tip end.

A soft-grip barrel gives a comfortable handle to keep drawing and coloring easy on the hands. Included is a clear, snap close case that keeps your markers safe and easy to transport.

Quality ink provides a rich color that applies smoothly and evenly. Tips share a single ink reservoir and colors will match regardless of the tip you use. Serious artists or enthusiasts love the accurate line control, blending capabilities, and flexibility of these drawing pens.

  • 80 primary colors
  • Plastic storage case
  • Chisel and brush tips
  • Quality ink

80 Color Master Markers Permanent Professional Dual Tip Alcohol Double-Ended Art Markers with Chisel Point and Brush Tip - Soft Grip Barrels, Includes: Plastic Storage Case

Consumers include professional artists and hobbyists. Color lays down beautifully and evenly.

Though they do tend to bleed, this is common with alcohol-based markers and can be avoided with thick paper that is made for markers.

If using for a coloring book, make sure to tear out pages to avoid bleeding through and ruining future projects.

Ink lasts for a long time and you will get more than your money out of the markers. Though there are some that feel the colors caps do not honestly depict the marker color, this is not a deal breaker.

Many have made a color chart of the markers to help know how the color dries down.

We also recommend that you look at our list of the best marker for bullet journaling.

Things to Love
  • Great saturation and even color
  • Sturdy carrying case for storage and travel
  • Durable markers that last
  • Excellent ink formula
Things to Consider
  • Caps are not accurate depictions of color
  • Nibs are stiff
  • Fine work can be difficult

If looking for a professional set of artist pens/markers, then this is the perfect set. For a fraction of the cost they are able to do most any artistic job.


  • Vibrant colors and a white marker for more versatility
  • Uninterrupted lines that flow smoothly and evenly
  • Sturdy carrying case with handle
  • Easy grip with dual-tipped barrel


Artify Artist Alcohol Based Art Marker Set/ 40 Colors Dual Tipped Twin Marker Pens with Plastic Carrying Case/AP CertifiedThe Artify Artist marker set are some of the best alcohol markers on the market. They come in a 40 or 80 count set, both of which include a white marker to be able to blend out unique colors.

The triangle handle helps with comfort and grip, while keeping the markers from rolling off tables.

The dual tips give more flexibility and control in coloring or sketching. Markers come in a clear plastic carrying case that includes a handle for easy travel.

According to consumers these are some of the best alcohol markers. Even when using thinner paper, the markers will blend beautifully and will give a great final product. The markers are well made, and the ink lasts longer than more expensive brands.

For the price they are perfect for novice or professional artists alike. Color selection is rich and can be modified with the white marker.

Things to Love
  • Sturdy case for travel
  • Blend well with lasting color
  • Nibs are sturdy and don’t fray
Things to Consider
  • Ink can leak in the cap
  • Number names rub off easily with use

Artify Artist Alcohol Based Art Marker Set/ 40 Colors Dual Tipped Twin Marker Pens with Plastic Carrying Case/AP Certified

These are some of the best alcohol markers available. The price is unbeatable and they can be the perfect addition to any artist’s tool box.


  • Quick drying ink that will not smear
  • Fade and water-resistant formula
  • Fine point tip for better line control
  • Writes on most surfaces without issue


Sharpie markers are some of the tied and true in permanent markers. The markers are inexpensive and can be bought in singles or in packs of multiples. It is even possible to get these in single color bulk lots. Which is great if you are doing a project that may require a lot of one color.

Ink is durable and fade resistant on most mediums or surfaces. The pen-style marker is also water resistant. The pens are quick drying and nontoxic. Though they will work on any surface, durability will vary on surface types.

Sharpie 30003 Permanent Markers, 2 Packs of 12 Markers Each for a Total of 24 Markers, Blue; Alcohol-based Ink is Quick-drying and Nontoxic; Durable Ink is Fade-resistant and Water-resistant

Consumers prefer this product because it is permanent and proven to stay where it is put. The quick drying formula allows for it to work where other markers cannot. A great marker for adding details to art projects or even for lettering. The uses of Sharpie markers are unlimited and a needed addition to an artist’s tools.

Things to Love
  • Long lasting ink
  • Use on any surface
  • Fine tip marker for line control
Things to Consider
  • Strong smell
  • Stains clothing and hands
  • Inconsistent color

If you are in search of a marker that can add detail to your pieces this is a great option and has many reviews.


  • Highly pigmented color that is able to work on many surfaces
  • Includes a blending marker for shading, layering, and blending of colors
  • Portable carrying case that stores and organizes all your markers
  • Triangular barrel for grip and to stop rolling


ARTEZA Everblend Art Markers, Set of 60 Colors, Alcohol Based Sketch Markers with Dual Tips (Fine and Broad Chisel) for Painting, Coloring, Sketching and Drawing Include Organizer Case with 72 SlotsArteza Everblend Art Markers come in a set of 60 colors. The set includes an organizer case with 72 marker slots that has buckles and a carrying strap.

The case can sit your markers on display for easy reach and identification of markers.

The vibrant colors are able to be used on many surfaces including paper, glass, wood, and plastic. They are a good option for those who do anime, cartooning, architecture, fashion design, or illustrations.

The dual nibs give line control and allow for intricate details.

Many consumers prefer this set of markers because they are good, cheap alcohol markers. The carrying case is a durable construction that makes it easy to travel with your markers and even has added space for other markers or tools.

For the price point there are very few that can compare to the quality of these.

The ink is smooth and does not streak. There are not many skin tone shades but you can use the blender to add some diversity. A very affordable option for artists or hobbyists without the high cost.

Things to Love
  • Affordable
  • Durable carrying case
  • Colors are smooth and vibrant
Things to Consider
  • Lack of transition colors
  • No brush tip
  • Lacks skin tones

ARTEZA Everblend Art Markers, Set of 60 Colors, Alcohol Based Sketch Markers with Dual Tips (Fine and Broad Chisel) for Painting, Coloring, Sketching and Drawing Include Organizer Case with 72 Slots

Arteza markers are a good cheap option for any artist or hobbyist in search of a quality marker at a low cost.


  • 45 high volume, vibrant ink markers
  • Blender marker for more diversity
  • Dry quick formula stops smudging and aids in bleeding
  • Sturdy carrying case


Art Markers, 44 Colors Markers and 1 Blender, 45 Pack Alcohol Based Dual Tip Permanent Markers with Case, Highlighters Excellent for Coloring, Marking, Drawing and Sketching by Smart Color ArtSmart Color Art Markers come in a durable black carrying case that holds 45 markers, including a blender marker.

High capacity volume of ink that is capable of writing or coloring on cloth, paper, glass, ceramics, and most any other medium. The round barrel is easy to hold.

Markers will color, draw, or write smoothly without having skips or ridges in the lines. The dual tip designs gives you access to broad or narrow nips without having to have a second set of markers.

The dry quick ink will not smudge and aids in minimal bleeding.

For consumers this is a preferred marker because of the affordability of the markers. Smooth, controllable ink gives an ideal coloring or drawing experience.

The low odor is a bonus that most did not expect. The colors are well pigmented and will blend well together to give you the desired results.

Things to Love
  • Zip up bag keeps markers contained and easy to travel with
  • Blendable colors for best results
  • Vibrant and smooth color that dries quickly
  • Low odor
Things to Consider
  • Some color labels are misleading
  • Fluorescent colors look like highlighters
  • Do not sell individual colors

Art Markers, 44 Colors Markers and 1 Blender, 45 Pack Alcohol Based Dual Tip Permanent Markers with Case, Highlighters Excellent for Coloring, Marking, Drawing and Sketching by Smart Color Art

One of the best affordable alcohol markers on the market. A perfect addition for any artist or hobbyist.

Tips on Choosing the Best Alcohol-Based Markers

There are several factors to consider when trying to find the best alcohol-based markers.

Some of those factors include:
  • Cost
  • Odor
  • Nib types
  • Available colors and blender markers

Markers can vary in cost and this can be difficult for students, struggling artists, or anyone who must work within a particular budget. Spending $20 on a single marker is not an option for many people and finding a quality alternative is important to be able to continue doing what you enjoy.

Odor of the markers can also matter. Alcohol markers are notorious for strong odors, though some are worse than others. Some of the options above include pleasant odors and for someone that loves to draw and color this could be the most critical feature.

Best Alcohol-Based Marker

Nibs vary across the different brands. Some include a chisel tip, while others may have a brush tip. Depending on the type of art you complete, this can change which type you choose to buy. If you are unsure which type is preferred, buy a more inexpensive set or single markers to test run the styles. Some art stores will also have displays to test different styles as well.

Colors will also vary across alcohol-based marker brands. Some include bolder colors, while others have more variations of colors.

There are also brands that include more skin tones than others or offer single marker options to add to your collection. By reading over our alcohol markers comparison you will be able to choose the correct set for you. Make the art you want with quality markers that will bring you happiness.

Best Alcohol-Based Marker

If you have not found anything suitable. Check out our lists of the best Highlighter Pens.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you have been given more information than the normal consumer on the best alcohol markers on the market, it is time for you to go buy the perfect marker set for your needs. Coloring and art, whether a hobby or a job, should be done with the best.

What are you waiting for? Go out and get the best alcohol markers today!