Best Pens for Lefties to Make Your Life Easier

Best Pens for Lefties

Every left-handed writer knows the struggle of writing with an ink pen. Poor quality pens can easily lead to smears on the page and ink all over your hands. That’s why it is vital for lefties to find the best quality pens available that are designated for left-handed writers. To


Best Bible Highlighters That Won’t Damage Your Bible

Best Bible Highlighters

Regular highlighters can bleed through the thin pages of a bible. You’ll want to look at highlighters that are bible safe or specifically designed for bibles to prevent this problem. It’s important to have the best bible highlighters because some products claim to be bible safe while falling short. We


The 10 Best Watercolor Set for Students and Artists 2019

Whether you’re new to watercolor painting or are a seasoned artist, you want to get the best watercolor set that you can afford. This holds true whether you are painting on canvas, in a sketchbook or decorating your planner or journal. Choosing the best watercolors is subjective, and there are


Best Watercolor Brush Pens for Your Artistic Endeavors

Best Watercolor Brush Pen

Watercolor brush pens can give a beautiful watercolor effect when you dip them in water or use a water brush pen. They are more convenient to use than traditional paint brushes and paints. As versatile writing utensils, they can be used as quality markers for coloring, painting, drawing or sketching.


Best Printer for Stickers Reviewed for 2019

Best Printer for Stickers

Organize your life, promote a cause or create a colorful atmosphere with the right stickers. Finding the best stickers for your needs can be challenging. However, if you make your own, you can customize them to your exact specifications. This lets you create stickers for any occasion quickly and cost-efficiently.


Best Fine Point Pens to Add to Your Collection

10 Best Fine Point Pen Reviews

The best writers and artists know the importance of a quality pen, and those of us who prefer fine point pens know how tricky it can be to find the best. Whether you are looking for gel ink or ballpoint, retractable or capped, we researched various pens to find the


Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners | For Teachers and Students!

Students will always need access to a pencil sharpener. Not just for their No. 2 pencils, but to be able to sharpen their colored pencils as well. Providing an electrical sharpener that will offer an easy to use and reliable sharpening result is important for the least disruption to the


Stay Organized With the Best Multicolored Pens

best multicolor pens

There are many reasons to add multicolor pens to your office supply collection. You can use different colors to denote specific categories in your bullet journal or keep more organized notes in class or at the office. In our search to find the best multicolor pens to help get your


Channel Your Creativity With the Best Sketchbook for Markers

Every artist and creative mind understands the importance of a variety of markers for sketching, writing or coloring in adult coloring books. It can be frustrating, however, to have a low-quality sketchbook where markers bleed through the pages or blot or smear the marker ink. Because of this, we researched


Make Your Work Stand Out with the Best Pens for Writing

Several factors may inform your decision when you’re choosing the best pens for writing. Are you scribbling down some quick notes on a legal pad or making creative entries in your planner? Are you designing an invitation or a thank you note? Maybe you’re just looking for the best pen